Evolution of Comedy Through Social Media

People view this content to relax after a long day of work or when they’re feeling stressed. They just want to get a good laugh in. The age of online content is always evolving, so the manner in which we view this funny content is constantly changing as well.

Whether you’re looking to roast a friend with a meme over text, or share a funny video in a group message, we have some of the best content for you.


These videos have acquired millions of views over the years, bringing fame for some of the creators who posted the content. Here are some of the best, and some of the more classic, videos:


Vine became incredibly popular for a short while before the site closed down. It was a fun alternative to longer YouTube videos, as Vine’s could only be 6 seconds long.


Today’s, self produced content is no longer made with a person and a camera but rather remixed and remastered with already existing content online to create a different type of Troll. The internet has never been so unplugged.



Content has changed drastically over the years since YouTube set the stage for funny videos. The content has evolved as our society and technology have, simplifying to meet the needs of our short attention spans.  

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