How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The Holidays are approaching, you can hear the sleigh bells ringing right around the corner! It is that time where you stuff you face with food and spend time with your friends and family. The weather may be the simple reason why people stop going to the gym and go off the track in eating healthy. The #HolidayWeightGain is real! This does not mean we are not able to celebrate special occasions and indulge in your favorite treats. We can still do all of this, by making those right essential steps in avoiding that challenging increase in weight. Here we are going to show you eight easy tips to avoid the weight gain and stay in the best shape possible right after the Holiday season…

Getting active and controlling your cravings, food intake, and being self-accountable are all the makings to a great summer body any time of the year. Ever heard of “diet & exercise?” It’s really that simple! Be self-accountable for what you eat and what you do and you’ll succeed no matter what holiday feasts arise!

5 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It is important to have an overall goal throughout the Holiday season! Everyone should make a plan and be consistent. Whether it is exercising and training to eating regularly and resting. Working out with a friend and staying consistent go hand in hand! You’re less likely to quit if you have a routine with someone else. If self-accountability isn’t a strong suit of yours, a workout buddy will fix that right up! They can hold you accountable for trying to skip out on the gym or cheating on your diet so you stay on track and stay fit!

Make sure you are working out your whole body, not just one particular area! These exercises will help you to maintain avoiding that weight gain we don’t want! Weight loss is a whole body thing. Making a schedule will help as well, for example, ‘leg day’ or ‘arm day’ a few times throughout the week will help you to stay focused and on track throughout the binge eating days with your friends and family!

Now that you have reached the end, read through our tips on how to avoid the holiday weight gain from those delicious recipes your loved ones have put together and have some workouts to keep you going after the holidays are over, DON’T STOP! That weight gain will creep back up on you very quickly! Keep lifting those weights and doing that cardio! Trust us… you’ll thank yourself later! Comment and tag your friends and family who are willing to take on the challenge with you!  #AvoidHolidayWeightGain #KeepGoing #Motivation

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