Thinking About Doing An Internship in College? Here’s What You Should Know!

An internship could be your key into landing your dream career. Think of it as one of the doorways that will lead you into the industry you thought you’d never really get a chance to work in. Employers offer internships to, let’s be real, get some extra help in the office without having to create a dent in the budget. Most internships are unpaid – but don’t let that deter you from the experience. Internships give you a great chance at not only getting a hands-on experience but it’s also an opportunity to network and meet people who will be able to help you in life later on.

It is best to apply for internships that correlate with the field you want to work in but don’t limit yourself to the “big brands.” If you want to work in social media don’t think that you only have to have experience with Buzzfeed. Updating a Facebook page for an automobile shop will be just as useful and a. Employees value prospects that have an experience in the work field. The University at Albany offers its undergraduate students opportunities for credit and non-credit internships. Students can work within the school as well as external companies. Below are some important things to know in regards to getting an internship as a students at the University at Albany. 

Part-Time Internships:

A part-time internship is a great way to get acquainted with the professional world before graduating. But to be eligible to acquire an internship, there are 4 major requirements you must have.

  1. You need to be a communication major or minor.
  2. You must have a junior or senior standing
  3. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA or higher
  4. At the time of registering, majors must have already completed COM 100 and COM 265x. Minors must have completed at least 6 credits in Communication

After you have checked off all four requirements, the next step is to find an company, organization, or institution to internship with. There are internships can be done in the Albany area or New York City but you can stop by Dr. William Husson’s office, room 363, for a list of addresses of companies, organizations, and institutions that have hired ualbany communication interns in the past. It is always suggested that you find an establishment and internship that mirrors what you are looking for in your career. It is even better to intership at the company you wish to work for, in a department you hope to work in.

Internships Lead to Full-Time Jobs:

When it comes down to it, internships lead to full-time jobs. Companies are more willing to hire someone who already has a good understanding of how their company works internally and externally and has experience working in their environment. This is a great reason to go for the internship that is at a company you would like to work for or can see yourself working for. But before you go for just any old unpaid internship just so you can put it on your resume, consider this first. There is a big difference between the probability of getting hired after a paid internship and an unpaid internship.


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