5 Dorm Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays are finally upon us! This time of year can be extra stressful and exhausting with finals and other school activities. However there are ways to brighten up your days and alleviate some of that stress. One way is to bring a little festivity to your dorm room this holiday season by decorating! Spice up your boring dorm with inexpensive items that you can find in local stores. This will help you take a break by doing something relaxing, fun and creative! You can even get your friends and roommates to join in on the fun. So to help you get started we have compiled a list of 5 dorm holiday decorating ideas!

1. Decorate Your Door

One way to get into the holiday spirit is to spruce up your door! You could use things like wrapping paper, gift bags, bows and garland to create a unique and festive collage like this one. This is an easy and fun decorating idea that is inexpensive and allows you to express your creativity!

2. Decorate Your Windows

Brighten up your room windows with some colorful garland, ornaments, ribbons and bows! This will bring your windows to life and create a cheery feeling in your room. You can use leftover materials from your door decorations to save you so some money too!

3. Hang Stockings

You can purchase cheap stockings at the dollar store or Walmart and decorate them yourself with paint, glitter and other crafty materials. Or if you are feeling extra crafty you can try sewing your own stockings with cheap fabric that you can also purchase from Walmart. It’s not as difficult as you may think and it can be done in 10 minutes! Hang them up somewhere in your room and fill them up with goodies!

4. Make Paper Snowflakes

This is an easy and very affordable way to decorate your room! Grab some paper whether it be printer paper or construction paper and get to cutting! You can use string to hang them up all over your room, in the hallway or you can even stick them on your door. Try adding some glitter to make them glisten!

5. Make a Wreath

Instead of buying a wreath, make your own to hang on your door or somewhere in your room! You could use really anything you want to make a unique and festive wreath. We like this idea of using ornaments, styrofoam and a hot glue gun to make a colorful decoration. You can purchase all of these materials for an afforadable price at Walmart or even the dollar store!

We hope that you found these ideas helpful! Now you can have the best looking holiday dorm in your hall. Which idea did you like the best? If you have any other holiday dorm decorating ideas that we didn’t mention, please share them below!

Image Couresty of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

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