5 Videos Guaranteed to Help you With Finals Stress

It’s no joke that college is super stressful. With the semester coming to an end faster than most of us are ready for, the stress is beginning to take its toll. There are many ways to help combat stress like getting ahead and start studying now, exercising,and getting a good night sleep. We have come up with a cure for you. We found five videos that are guaranteed to get through finals week ranging from puppies to sand.

“35 Corgis To Get You Through Your Day”

They don’t bring in stress dogs to colleges for nothing! Nothing in this world could make a stressed out college student more happy than a bunch of corgis. There’s something about these fluffy, stumpy-legged canines that just makes our hearts fill with pure joy.

“2 year old Mila and a Budget”

This 2 year old girl is one of the most relatable person for college than this adorable 2 year old girl Mila. Just watching her talk will put a smile on your face immediately. In this video she is talking about the struggles of being on a budget.

Very Satisfying Kinetic Sand Video Trailer Sand Tagious

Autonomous sensory meridian response or (ASMR) is a great way for college students to put aside their stress. There’s no better feeling than the satisfaction of taking something a perfect sand shape, and watching it morph  into even more perfect shapes and pieces.

Satisfying Paint Mixing Compilation 10 Minutes

Did you know that watching someone mix paint can be so oddly satisfying and borderline addictive? Neither did we until we watched this. This amazing video is a perfect stress release because all you do is focus on it and nothing else it is completely mesmerizing. We highly suggest you check out the other videos that are posted on her channel!

Satisfying Calligraphy Video Compilation (The Best of Seb Lester & Others)

This the best 9 minutes of writing you will ever see. These artists take something as simple as handwriting and turn it into a mystifyingly satisfying experience. Wathcing this will ease your finals stress by occupying your time with writing that won’t be unfairly graded.


College is a stressful time. Give yourself time to treat yourself, give yourself those mental health days or moments so that you’re not constantly stressed. Put aside 10 to 15 minutes to wind down and watch these satisfying videos. Did you find these videos as relaxing as we did? Which videos do you think are satisfying? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image Courtesy of CollegeDegrees360


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