The Broke Students Guide to Holiday Savings

Have you ever been down to quarters for the vending machines? Have you ever had sleep for dinner? Do you wish you had your own money printer? College students everywhere suffer from the same issue: being broke. According to Financial Advisor Magazine, nearly two-thirds, 64.5%, of college students go broke at least one semester.

The main components of going broke, according to FA, are unanticipated expenses, not enough financial aid, or financial instability. These are issues that all college students face at least once. With the holidays coming around soon, unanticipated expenses are maximized and students are more susceptible of going broke. 

In this infographic, we will show you how to save money, plan for, and conquer the holidays, despite your financial situation!

Green Modern Process Infographic

These are some great ideas for the holiday season, if you are on a budget. Here are some helpful tips on where to shop and where to save these upcoming months. First, be sure to check out your local stores for discounts and sales. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, you definitely want in on the deals and big purchase items you can get for cheap. For Cyber Monday, check out websites such as Etsy and Amazon for overstock purchases. These websites are great for electronics to vacation deals and Groupons.

Here are some extra tips on how to save money:

  • Don’t eat out as much, eat at home!
  • Think about saving for later instead of buying right now.
  • If you commute, take the bus instead of driving to campus.
  • Use those old gift cards that your family has given you.
  • Pick up an extra shift at your job or look for seasonal shifts. The mall is always hiring!
  • Save your pennies! Change adds up. Keep it in a safe place, out of sight and out of mind.
  • Put part of your paycheck away each week and pick out your family gifts so you know the price point.

In no time, you will have the extra cash to surprise your loved ones with gifts under the tree!

Now that you have read through our holiday savings guide, and are now educated on how to bargain shop for your loved ones, make to stay within your budget and most importantly, enjoy the holidays!  Comment and tag any friends that would benefit from this post and anyone who would need help with their savings throughout the holiday season! #HolidaySavings


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