Drive the future with the new Tesla Model 3. All electric. All cool.

Electrical Car, Reliable, and Affordable in the Same Sentence?

YES! Tesla is making that a possibility with their model 3. Hot off of the press at the Consumer Reports, the Car Reliability stats are out and Tesla is in as the first American car on the reliability chart. You can learn more about how the graded the cars here.

Why an Electric Car?

Tesla has great options for people who want to live a sustainable lifestyle. Some might be intimidated by the idea of a fancy electric car, but with finance options and low down payments there is a Tesla for everyone.

Electric cars are more than just a new trend, they are the key to a healthy, green and efficient future. With zero emissions vehicles becoming more widely available the national emission is dropping drastically. If we all put more thought into the seeing the big picture electric vehicles will save us money on gas, decrease air pollution and increase efficiency.

CNN Money states that “Since they lack the valves, rods, pumps and pistons of an internal combustion engine, and they don’t need a transmission, electric cars have a fraction of the number of moving parts that a gasoline or diesel car has. That alone should leave them less prone to breakdowns.” This idea makes the electrical car already more reliable than your average driver, which is what the Consumer Reliability report studies.

The Model 3

Tesla’s issues with the Model X have been forgot with the revealing of their Model 3. Tesla’s website states that the Model 3 is “Designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category, Model 3 achieves 220 miles of range while starting at only $35,000 before incentives.”

Though Model X still has a longer battery range (259 – 335 Miles Range) then the Model 3
(220 – 310 Miles Range), Model 3 is advertised as “affordable”. This is Tesla’s written statement on the comparison:

Model S is our flagship, premium sedan with more range, acceleration, displays and customization options. It’s the safest car in its class with unlimited Supercharging for the duration of ownership when referred by an owner.

Model 3 is a smaller, simpler, more affordable electric car. Although it is our newest vehicle, Model 3 is not “Version 3” or the most advanced Tesla. Like Model S, it is designed to be the safest car in its class.

Why This Matters to You

Electrical cars will, more then likely, be the future of the automobile industry. Will Tesla be the Ford of the electric cars, bring them to the mass public in an affordable way? Time will tell, but Elon Musk is really trying to make that possible.

Right now, as a young college student, an electric car may not be a bad investment to you. Most college students don’t need to drive above the range an electric car will go, it is cheaper to run and care for with the lack of gas and oil, and prefect for a generation looking forward into the gloomy haze of the Ozone depletion.


Why Not a Tesla Today?

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