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How to Stay Organized as a College Student

Have you ever felt like you were drowning in papers? Have you had an assignment that you thought was due next week, but is suddenly due in three hours? You aren’t alone. As full time college students, we’ve all been there because life can get pretty hectic. There’s a lot going on which can cause you to mix things up, lose track of time and even misplace important papers!

Jasmine and myself (Jessica) have dealt with those same problems many times. One thing that we both found was most helpful was staying organized. By doing this, we were able to reduce our stress levels tremendously and we know that once you get organized, you’ll feel a whole lot better too! Staying organized is actually really simple. Here are some steps that you can take so that you can stay organized as a college student.

How to Stay Organized as a College Student

1. Get a Dry Erase Calender

This will help you keep track of your important dates from your class syllabus. Write them down on the board! You will be able to visually see what you need to get done for the day. Investing in the dry erase board will also help you stay on schedule in order to submit assignments on time. Dry erase boards also allow you the flexibility to edit your schedule easily by erasing and adding different items. It also allows you to complete a full schedule for the entire week.

2. Purchase a Planner

A planner will allow you to plan in advance. You can write down plans months ahead of time. Jessica and I (Jasmine) both use planners to organize our days throughout the semester. This helps because you can carefully plan your days in advance to prepare for test, assignments, events, etc. It allows you to plan out your school work, your social life, and appointments. Everything listed in one portable place!

3. Make a To Do List

It is essential to make a to do list in order to organize your daily activities. You can make a daily or weekly list of your activities starting in the morning to night. As you go through the to do list you can check off all that you completed. Also this can help you feel like you have accomplished a lot within a day and keep track of it.

4. Utilize Folders & Labels

Organizing your papers can be very easy by using folders and labels. Buy some folders and labels and section each folder by the class . Also when given a syllabus staple it to the back of your book or put it in a labeled folder. So whenever you need to review for a test you can always go back to the folders and choose a specific class to find a worksheet. No more papers everywhere!

5. Set Phone Reminders

With this you’ll be able to set an actual time of when things need to be completed. For example, if you have a paper due at 3 PM you can set a reminder just in case you forget or fall asleep. This alarm reminder can also be at the top of your notifications in your phone. This helps because then each time you are browsing through your phone you’ll be subconsciously more aware of that upcoming reminder.

Staying organized as a college student can really help you stay on track and stay sane! You’ll be able to remember those important due dates and keep all of your papers and assignments together in one place. There are many different tips and tricks out there to help you stay organized when you’re a busy college student. These are just a few of the biggest organizations tools that Jasmine and I found most helpful from our own personal experience. If you have any know of any other tips and tricks, please share them with us in the comments below!

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