How To Ball On a Budget

Saving money at college while you are away from home.

Feel like college is an expensive exposition? Not only do you have to pay for tuition and books, but you have to live here in the multiple seasons of New England. You need clothes for the weather, furniture for you dorm, and not to mention you have to eat! The college meals aren’t terrible, but sometimes you need a change.

Don’t worry the Danes know how to help! We will provide you some spots that allow student discount in all fields from clothes, furniture, food, technology, and anything else. Albany is a student-friendly place if you just know where to go!

It can often be tough to manage your money while in college. Less time spent at work means less money earned to save, so here are some helpful tips on where to go for a discount will help you thrive!

Everyone needs to look good, whether it’s on your daily grind or on the weekend at the bar everyone needs to fleek out sometimes. Clothing stores like Hollister, Express and Urban Outfitters are on our side like nationwide.

Eating out can get SUPER expensive and sometimes cooking at home can seem like too much work. With Hello Fresh, you can get FRESH ingredients delivered straight to your door. Hello Fresh provides Step by Step instructions and all you need for a hearty Homecooked meal.

As a student you can even land a free drink at Chipotle or 10% off at subway by showing your Student ID.

Technology is IMPORTANT and without out it we most likely can get our school work done. With Best Buy Student Deals and the Apple Education Store Students receive exclusive access to deals on BRAND NEW products.


Express- 10%  (

Apple student (

Hollister 15% (

Urban Outfitters (

HelloFresh – 15%-   HELLO FRESH

Chipotle – free drink (

Subway – 10% off (

After reading this blog students will get an insight on how to manage their money and get the access on where there is cheap food and stores near campus. College can be expensive so in order to manage your money properly, you should use these steps we talked about. Whether it’s buying furniture for your dorm, or clothes shopping, and food take the time and read through our blog so you know where to get the right deals! These are just some to many of different places that understand the importance of helping us save money, if you know of any other places that give a discounted rate for college students leave a comment and link below!

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