Four Ways to Kill It During Finals Week!

Ring the alarm! Midterms are coming! Everyone bury your heads in your books and keep the caffeine flowing, here are a couple tips to kill it on your midterms:

Time Management Skills:

You always need time management skills to succeed! Make sure you are setting times to study so you are organized and well prepared for the long nights ahead. Having that blood flow throughout this process increases your function to study longer periods of time. Give yourself a break, you deserve it! Study with a buddy! Studying with others who are in the same class helps you to stay focused and determined, its always fun to have someone along the way. A planner is always a great way to keep you on track with managing your time! After all, it is called time management!! Just remember, when you prepare better, you perform better!


Sleep IS an essential part of your day to day routine. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night helps you to properly function and make sure you are intaking all of the knowledge you need to succeed! Most people believe that they can run on caffeine alone, but really SLEEP is the best caffeine. You wake up feeling energized, refreshed and ready to go!


Now onto the nitty gritty…get all your highlighters in order! Pens, pencils and plenty of positivity! Studying is what you make it! Make sure you are reading, rereading, and highlighting. When you highlight, your brain remembers the colors, which you can then draw from and make connections to. Index cards, note-taking and reading aloud will help you to actively engage with the material and make it stick.

Break your bad habits:

Don’t fall into your old habits! If you wait till the last minute, your brain will hate you! You will not retain the information studying and end up with a poor grade and a frown on your face! Find a buddy with good study habits and learn from them…we are ALL in this together!!


P.S. Forget about your diet, keep the snacks and coffee flowing! You’ll thank yourself later!

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