Career Network Opportunities at UAlbany

Here are UAlbany, there are many ways to help students find their future careers with our career networking opportunities. Here is the list of ways we can help:

With all of the opportunities to support students finding a career here at UAlbany, you are bound to be a success. At Ualbany we take the responsibility for making students career reading following graduation. Some of our outstanding support services are:

Career Center and services

  • Resume workshops
  • Advisement services and one on one guidance


  • A job networking site that allows a student to go on and apply for internships and jobs within the area of their choice.

Linkedin (Ualbany Alumni group)

  • Connect with former UAlbany students
  • Network with professionals
  • Research jobs and positions

Career Fair

  • Over 100 companies and businesses
  • Gain skills for real-world interviews with superiors.
  • More info can be found here.

UCAN: Ualbany Career advisory Networking

  • Online database for Alumni-student interaction

There is no right way to find your future career, unless you don’t try. We know that it can be overwhelming to find the career you feel is right for you, but with Ualbany’s guidance and career networking platforms you can be the Greatest Dane that you can be.

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