We Are Here to Socialize!

We are the Social Squad, Together we want to make a difference in the ease of information about on campus groups. We enjoy socializing both on and off campus, spreading our positive energy towards school and knowledge to new and eager students. Communication is the most important part of a successful community with strong values. We will be able to help people find their passion by informing.

Dominick is an outgoing, friendly ,and personable individual who enjoys meeting new people from different cultures. He has a passion for maintaining good relationships and completing tasks. Some of his personal interests are Cars, food and shopping.

Calley is a profound photography and an eager business owner. As a student in the communications department she hopes to gain the skills it takes to succeed in her business and to network her way to the top. She finds scenic walks, dogs, and technology to be very intriguing.

Maria is a Criminal Justice scholar whose degree reflects her interests. She plans to work with enforcing the law and making a difference in her community. Maria’s strong interest in her studies will help her become the best at what she will do she enjoys field hockey and hiking.

As a group we feel it is necessary to spread the exciting news and information about the UAlbany communications department. There are so many opportunities available for pupils at this university and we want to make it easier for students to find out how they can become involved in programs and events around campus.

Our blog is aimed towards informing students on current events, new opportunities and success stories of former and fellow UAlbany Communications students. As communication scholars we focus our efforts towards real feedback and narratives from real people. We will feature articles from real students who have experienced being let down and the challenges they faced and what they did to overcome them.


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