One Easy Way to Be A Successful Communication Student

Want up-and-coming internship opportunities, tips on the best classes to take, and ways to be a successful communications major?

Then welcome to the joc818 blog!

Jesse, Oscar and Cody are here to help you have the best college experience you can have!

Cody here! As a Communication major with a minor in Journalism, I’ve always been interested in how creative avenues like writing, photography and video can be used as img_6449.jpgmarketing promotion. Even if you can’t be a professional writer or other creative, don’t let those passions go to waste! I’m here to help you cultivate your passions into abundant opportunities, and make college go as SMOOTHLY as possible.

Hey Everyone! Its Jesse here. Welcome to our blog! I’m enrolled at the University at Albany as a Communications major with a minor in Business. I’m a transfer student img_0697-e1505419109527.jpgfrom Long Island. It’s my senior year and I’m here to help YOU try and find your perfect classes and jobs in the communication major. I went down the more professional route of communications with having minor in business. I’ve always liked how the two majors like communications and business coincide with one another. Hopefully my experience can make things be as GREAT as being a Great Dane!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.41.36 PMHey Guys its Oscar and when I entered College I had no idea what direction I was headed, as I’m sure most of you are in the same position. I went from Sports Business to wanting to do Graphic Design to maybe one day owning my own business. With so many things I’d like to do in life and such a vast aray of skills I had to learn in order to do so. I decided to Major in Communications and Minor in Business. With both fields being extremely broad and flexible, they gave me the chance to really broaden my horizons and have the opportunities for doors to open in the future. There is no one thing I’d like to accomplish in life, I want to do It all, and with the Communications Major I feel like I can accomplish all my GOALS and DREAMS. 

Our blog is here to help you all on your dreams and future plans. We hope that you everyone enjoys our post and log in next time to see what we have to say! See you soon!

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