Delivering Danes Invite You to Meet The Communications Team!

Lianna Crognale

liannaHi! I’m Lianna. I’m from Troy, New York.  I am a senior at the University at Albany. My major is Communications and I minor in English. I am a member of the eboard as a social media coordinator for UAlbany’s Italian Club, La Dolce Vita. My hobbies include, light hiking, a little bit of biking and doing make-up. I enjoy things such as hanging around with my friends and shopping. I also enjoy new foods, meeting new people and my dog!

Brandon Mcleanbrandon

Hey, I’m Brandon, and I am a senior at UAlbany. I will be graduating in the spring with a major in communications and minors in business and sociology. I am a huge sports fan, specifically basketball and football. When I’m not watching sports I am typically hanging out with friends, playing video games, or staying active in some way. I stay active on campus as a member of Albany Business Leaders Emerging. I recently turned 21 years old, and I have lived in Harlem, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Jamaica (the country, not the one in Queens).

Cindy Xie

I’m Cindy Xie, 21 year old senior at Universicindyty at Albany. I am a Communications major with a minor in Korean studies. I intend on graduating this Spring or ‘18.

I’m from New York City. I’ve lived in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and currently reside in Staten Island. It’s not the best place to be, but it’s the place I’ve lived in the longest.

I am the Tespa coordinator for our school’s eSports club. The club is basically a video game club and, if it wasn’t apparent, I’m a huge fan of gaming. Currently, I’m a very big fan of Overwatch and League of Legends.

Emily Blachorskyemily

Hey! I am Emily, I’m from Rockland County. I am a Junior at the University at Albany majoring in Communications with a minor in Business and Psychology. I am very involved on campus, I serve on the e-board for Student of Albany Against Cancer Club and I am a Big Sister for the Big Brother Big Sister Program. A fun fact about me is that I am a huge traveler, I have been to China twice and to over 30 States in the United States!

Delivering Communication for YOU!

As Fellow Communication Majors we have been through it all! From picking the right school, to picking the right major we know how feel! We are here to help answer your questions and guide you through the pathway to success. We are going to share with you our opinion of the University at Albany through the eyes of a Communications major. Here, you will find helpful tricks and tips on how to survive the world of Communications.

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