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We Are Students in UAlbany’s Communications Department

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Welcome to the University at Albany’s Department of Communication studies blog! Here you will find insightful information about the communication department as well as information about communication majors and minors. This blog aims to bring you fun, conversational, informative, and relevant content that cover topics like career opportunities, field information, tips and tricks, and news, surrounding to the Communication Department and the field of study.

We are Communicators

This blog’s goal is to help SUNY Albany students to get information about communication studies. We will be a ‘sender’ to students who are not declared with their majors or minors, students who need more information about communication studies, or also high school seniors who are curious about communication studies. Our blog’s goal of being communicators will create synergetic effect with everybody.

We Are COM


Name: Michael Magliocca

Major: Communications

Minor(s): Business and Psychology

Hometown: Catskill, NY

Career Goal: Marketing Communications Director

Hobbies: In the summer, I enjoy growing a variety of hot peppers that I use to make homemade hot sauce. I also enjoy reading, golfing and keeping up to date with the NHL, its players, and the community surrounding it. During the fall and winter, I enjoy hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and playing pond hockey with friends and family.

Transferred From: Columbia Greene Community College, where I studied communications and business.

Why COM: I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to do going into college and even through my first year of college. I took intercultural communication during the fall semester of my sophomore year, and I enjoyed it immensely. I researched the different career paths I could take with a degree in communications, and found that it offered an abundance of different career paths and jobs that intrigued me. As I continued to take COM courses, before I declared it as my major, I continued to see the limitless career opportunities that are at your doorstep as a result of the skills and knowledge you gain from this major.

acom378_2.pngName: Sarah Farma

Major: Journalism

Minor(s): Business and Communications

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York City

Career goal: Creative Director

Hobbies: Vlogging, video editing, blogging and DIY projects

Transferred From: SUNY Buffalo State

Why COM: I was an intended Communications major for two years, but I couldn’t pass statistics. Instead of pursuing a COM major I switched it to a minor. In the end, I realized that there wasn’t much of a difference between the two categories and I wasn’t as stressed with taking math-related classes. Even as a COM minor, I’m still able to tailor my classes to fit my interests and career goal.

acom378_3Name: Bri Bleiwas

Major: Communications

Minor: English

Hometown: Merrick, NY

Career Goal: Social Media Management

Hobbies: Blogging, playing the flute and guitar; and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Transferred From: SUNY Oneonta

Why COM: I chose communications because I was curious about the field since we didn’t have communication classes in high school. I stayed with communications because I developed a passion for connecting with others through technology.

acom378_4.pngName: Dongwoo Park

Major: Communications

Minor : Sociology

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Career Goal: Professor

Hobbies: Watching movies and listening to music

Transferred From: Hanguk University of Foreign Studies.  

Why COM: When I was a freshman in Hanguk University of Foreign Studies, I took communication and media class for general education. Contents and texts from that course were really interesting to me and I enjoyed it a lot. That was the most powerful motivation for me to declare my major as communications. I was also interested in how people interact through talking, so communication was perfect major for me.

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