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Get To Know Us

Who We Are

We are two Seniors at the University at Albany majoring in Communications. Jasmine Hutchinson is from Staten Island, NY and originally came to UAlbany to study Business. During her Sophomore year she realized that the Communications major was a better fit for her future career goals and changed her major. After graduation Jasmine hopes to become a beauty and hair entrepreneur.

Jessica Spiak is from Albany, NY and transferred to UAlbany in the fall of 2016. Jessica chose to pursue a degree in Communications because she found the major offered many things that interested her and related to her career goals. After graduation Jessica would like to pursue a career in digital and social media marketing.

Why We’re Blogging

The goal of this blog is to give undeclared and future college students better insight as to what the Communications major is and what it offers. We hope to provide some guidance in helping students decide if this major is the right fit for them.

What To Expect

We’ll be sharing some information about the Communication major that we’re sure you’ll find useful such as the types of courses offered, what to expect in this major as well as internships related to the major. We’ll also be discussing the possible career outcomes that can come from being a UAlbany Communications major. Also we’ll talk about some of the ways that UAlbany Communications Department could improve.

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