Why Millennials Need to Vote

Why Millennials Need to Vote

Voting is essential for all Americans as it decides who will help lead the country, state, county, city, etc. When we think of voting, we think that’s what adults do, adults being something not many college students quite see themselves as yet. However, voting is something that more young people, a.k.a. Millennials, should be more active in. Not just on the national level but on the local level as well.

Betsy Devos, President Trump’s Secretary of Education appointee, has reversed a bill put in place by the Obama administration that protected students who defaulted on their student loans. It isn’t uncommon for students who are recent graduates to default on their already-high payments as they are still building financial stability.

Former president Obama wanted to protect students who found themselves in that situation. Many college students do not think they need to vote because they don’t see their lives directly affected by politics and who is in office. This goes to show that they are greatly affected, even more than they may realize.

Who are Millennials and Why We are Important?

According to Pew Research, millennials have become the single largest generational segment in the United States, surpassing both the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Millennials (people ages 18-35) make up over 35% of the population, compared to generation X (ages 36-51) and the silent generation (ages 71+) which make up 12% and 25% respectively.

America’s youth is steadily becoming the majority and it’s about time these voices actively exercise their constitutional rights. Political involvement is necessary today more than ever because of the increasing amount of enactments being passed and revised; Many to have a long-term negative effect if the public stays politically silent and uninvolved.

The recent notice by Betsy DeVos is only one of many serious issues that would potentially damage a prospective college students dream . Her notice will hurt this country’s future, because the young people affected by it is this country’s future; and if turnovers continue on the road it’s headed the future going to suffer.

The last thing post-grad students in loan default need are added fees, especially ones responding to Obama’s previously instated 60 days to default notice. Essentially this is punishing millennials for attempting to redeem themselves and pay their dues.


These are just some of the reasons why it is important for millennials to vote. Whether it be on the national level or the local level, voting matters and every vote counts. With millennials taking up a large portion of the population, voting can be drastically impacted if everyone voted. Millennials have a good opportunity to affect who gets elected.  

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