Snapchat has gone public

Now That Snapchat is Bigger Than Ever, Companies Can Expand Their Reach

In the past few months you may have been informed or overheard that the social media company Snapchat has declared to go public. The company plans to list its shares in the New York Stock exchange and use the trading symbol “SNAP”. The company is being offered a maximum of $3 billion but has been evaluated in the past at about $25 billion. The company generates most of its revenue through advertising and plans to take risks regarding increasing user engagement.

The main user base is revolved around young people, anywhere from high schoolers to thirty year olds. Users and content may be less brand loyal but will focus more on trends rather than demographics.  This can be a breakthrough for Snapchat users looking to expand their reach. Whether you are an individual promoting something or part of a company, Snapchat is a great way to promote, inform, and entertain a young audience searching for new things. However, gaining Snapchat followers can sometimes be an obstacle but we are here to help overcome that. Read on to learn about the uses of Snapchat, skills to stay trendy  and tips to gain Snapchat followers easily.

Snapchat is based on a very unique idea where you can send a picture or video to someone and they can only see it for 1-10 seconds until it is gone forever. Or you can take that picture/video and post it on your story where it will stay up for 24 hours and then it will be deleted forever. Something that makes snapchat important to companies is how much they can expand their reach through the use of this app. This is where communication majors come into play. You can use snapchat for marketing purposes very easily. If you plan on pursuing a professional communication career, you could be very beneficial to a company just by displaying your knowledge of snapchat and how you can gain snapchat followers by creating entertaining content to post.

The first step to gaining snapchat followers for a company would be to create an account for the company and start to add friends. This will notify people that your organization has a snapchat account and they will be interested to see what you are going to post.

The next step in the process of gaining snapchat followers would be to take pictures and videos of some amusing content that your company is currently working on. For extra flare, you can add stickers and emojis that are available right in the snapchat app. This will make your pictures look more appealing and colorful.

You need to keep this type of entertaining content consistent so people can watch your pictures and videos every day and continue to look back at the account. As long as you are posting “sticky” content or content that people enjoy watching repeatedly, you will notice that more and more people will begin to add or follow your account on snapchat.

Another vital strategy to gaining more snapchat followers would be to create some geo-tags for your company. A geo-tag is a graphic image that revolves around a location. The image goes on top of the picture or video that you take and tells people where you are. Every big city in the world has at least 1 geo-tag now such as Miami, New York, Boston, Tokyo, Barcelona, and any other big city that you can think of.

If you are studying communication, snapchat is a great tool to get familiar with. You could make yourself a very important part of an organization by promoting a company on snapchat. If you can effectively gain snapchat followers then you can successfully display content on snapchat and broaden your organization’s horizons. You will be able to reach more viewers and gain more followers with ease.

Snapchat has been gaining popularity over the year and soon could take over. Snapchat offers an extremely high ceiling for which a business can grow exponentially. With over 150 million daily users, it’s up to an attention grabbing social media campaign to bring potential customers and clients. Whether it be unique geotags, suspenseful  or funny snap stories, there is an large amount of followers out in the public for the taking. It’s up to successful social media management to capture and retain these followers to constantly have opportunities for business growth and it starts with a communication student that can understand how to create and deliver a social media campaign in this technological day and age.

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