Oscar Boo Boo

Oh No, Big Oscar Boo-Boo!

February 26, 2017 the Academy made one of the biggest mistakes they could have ever made. Like ever.

Oscar Boo Boo

What Happened?

The Oscars slip up! The music started as actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway walked on stage to announce the final Oscar of the night for best picture. The words “And the Oscar goes to” with a confused faced Beatty had, he passed on the envelope to Dunaway who gives it a quick glance. “ La La Land”!! People from the audience applauds, as the cast and crew of La La Land took the stage.

As the producers Marc Platt & Jordan Horowitz gives their speech a man wearing headphones appears to check the red envelopes it was a mix up and Beatty was given the wrong envelopes. Producer Horowitz than announce there was a mistake “Moonlight won best picture. Beatty explained his side that it was not a joke. There has never been an Oscar mistake since the Oscars were created, But there is a first for everything.

Oscar Boo Boo Kimmel
Image Courtesy of Disney | ABC Television Group

Who Caused the Mistake?

So who should shoulder the responsibility of creating this jaw-dropping drama?

Many people blame Warren Beatty in the first place, the director who grabbed the wrong envelope and announced the wrong winner with hesitation. But we all know that the poor director is not the only one to blame. There are many human errors and parties who caused this mistake.

Undoubtedly we first have to mention Brian Cullinan, who worked in PwC and were responsible to make sure all envelopes were distributed correctly. He was confident about this work and even had time to tweet Emma Stone in the backstage before this drama. And opps. Guess he would face some dramas in his life afterwards.

And don’t forget there are still many people involved in this script. The telecast producers and crew members were obviously not carefully enough. Also the envelope and card design is a joke too. Gold outside lettering are used over a red paper. The award title “ Best picture” or “Best Actress” are placed in the bottom part of the card with an extremely small font size. Let’s hope next year Oscar envelop can be redesigned.

A careless mistake, causing a lifelong joke in the history.

Image Courtesy of Disney | ABC Television Group


It is a shame to have your dreams right in your hands and then get them taken away from you. The Oscar for best picture, the most prestigious award, had to be taken away from La La Land and given to Moonlight. One of La La Lands producers Jordan Horowitz refused to let the Oscar be ripped out of his hands. Instead, he wanted to present it to the director of Moonlight himself. Jordan said himself, “I am going to be really proud to hand this to my friends from Moonlight.”

He showed great respect for someone that was competing against him. Even when his  dreams slipped away he was able to maintain composure and to be respectful. Not many people could have handed over something so special like Jordan did. He is an example of the great honor and respect that is in cinema today.

Oscar Boo Boo Jimmy Kimmel
Image Courtesy of Disney | ABC Television Group

Conspiracy Theories

Since this outrageous event, people have come up with quite a few conspiracy theories. Which are quite hysterical, and oddly believable to say the least.

One of the first conspiracy theories is that since Leonardo DiCaprio presented Emma Stone for ‘Best Actress’, and out of revenge for not receiving a Oscar for so long – he switched the envelopes for ‘Best Picture’ sabotaged the event.

Another more considerably realistic theory was that The Academy’s TV ratings have been dropping for years and this stunt most definitely helped increase that. And there are many more from where this came from – just look it up.

There’s no doubt this is already the biggest screw up of 2017, and we’re only hoping this is the last.

Top image courtesy of Disney | ABC Television Group

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