Sucks at Public Speaking

Donald Trump Sucks…At Public Speaking

Throughout history, our Presidents have always been known for their capability to public speak. Very rarely have we experienced a President like Donald Trump for many reasons but one major reason is how Donald Trump sucks at public speaking.

Why Sucks at Public Speaking?

You have to know what you’re talking about

One of Donald Trump’s major flaws in public speaking is the fact that he doesn’t really seem to know what he is talking about.

In most of his debate speeches he would avoid answering the questions and attack his opponents. To be a good public speaker you have to know exactly what you’re talking about to attract your audience and put them on your side.

Know your target audiences/ who you are talking to

In addition to not knowing what he is talking about, Donald Trump also speaks more of his mind than speaking on real issues to his citizens.

In an election, citizens like to know more than opinions on a few stances of a candidate. Donald trump did exactly this. Rather than speaking to the American citizens eager to know their candidate, Trump spoke to those who he knew would be on board with extreme stances.

When public speaking, it is important to know who you are talking to, and now as acting President, Trump should apply  this more than ever.

Know how to present yourself

Whether you are President of the United States, or a student at a University taking a public speaking course, it is important to present yourself as a well educated speaker. Most importantly, it is crucial to represent yourself as a well informed and eloquent speaker to your audience, no matter what the size.

Additionally, you must make sure that what you are speaking on is not offensive or rude to your audience, especially when you are speaking as the President of the United States. How you represent yourself during a speech is a reflection on you and what you are speaking on.

All of these factors go into why Donald Trump is a bad public speaker.

In our opinions, Donald Trump is rude, not a good role model, and especially not a good public speaker. You need to listen to your opponents as well as your audience and not make fun of them or interrupt them when they are speaking. You also need to be informed on what you’re talking about and most of the time Donald Trump is not.

These reasons and the ones listed above are the reasons why Donald Trump sucks… at public speaking.

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