How to Survive College

How to Survive College: 6 Simple Steps !

How to survive college is one common question for all college students. How many of you have ever felt overwhelmed coming into college? When you go to that first day of class and you flip through the syllabus, do you already feel like you’re drowning?

It’s intimidating enough realizing how many papers and exams you have to go through before getting the semester over with — never mind being able to take care of yourself for a whole 4 years. Well guess what? We are here to help! Getting through college doesn’t have to be THAT intimidating, with the right amount of sleep, work, and play time you can definitely do it!

6 Steps on How to Survive College

1, Netflix and Chill

As college students our lives can be complicated and stressful with applying to jobs and keeping up with schoolwork. Sometimes we need to relax, lay down and watch a movie or binge a great show. This can easily be achieved with a Netflix account so you can enjoy a multitude of selections of shows and movies at your leisure. It could also be that great pickup line you use on that cute guy or girl in your class.

2. Manage Your Time

Work piles up fast! It is important to stay on top of school work as much as possible. Especially for students who have other obligations such as working or clubs. Never take on more than you can chew. It can be helpful to dedicate a certain amount of time per day specifically for homework. Using a student planner/calendar can be helpful in organizing your to-do list and class schedule. Attendance matters and can ultimately mean the difference between passing or failing a class so it is important to work other tasks around class times.

How to Survive College

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3. Lots of Caffeine

College students are often up for many hours at night, getting homework done and studying for upcoming tests. Coffee, and other forms of caffeine can help put some life and energy back into them in order to push through the day. Along with enough food to eat, caffeine is essential to making it through the semester.

4. Get connected

Join clubs at your college and get involved! Many students tend to be shy and seclude themselves to their dorm everyday. College is the time of your lives and a student should take advantage to the many social opportunities that are available. Use the University website to join intramurals or other clubs that peak your interest. Making friends at school and putting yourself out there is a great way to relieve stress and get the most out of your time at college.

5. Paper, index cards, and writing utensils

Review sheets are your next best friend when you have an upcoming exam. Not only are they an easy way to retain information but it’s already a form of studying when you write them up. Use index cards to make flash cards when you have to remember events and vocabulary. Stock up on looseleaf for the dozens of reviews you’re about to make, and writing utensils too because you’re definitely going to need them!

6. Enough sleep

Lack of sleep is common for college students and in the short-term, we have coffee and other caffeinated beverages to help push us through. However, adequate sleep is still essential in making sure we are alert and ready to take on that day’s workload. Especially nights before midterms, finals, and other important assignments, a good night’s rest will help tremendously.

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