Save Money as a College Student

How to $ave Money a$ a College $tudent

Besides the cost of tuition, students incur a lot of expenses throughout college life. Not having money to spend can be very frustrating for college students. College is meant to be enjoyable and affordable at the same time but problems tend to arise when funds are not readily available.

Well here is your chance to develop a money conscious mindset and learn how to save money as a college student with just 5 easy steps. Our 5 steps on how to save money as a college student will teach you to budget your spending and keep your wallet from bending.

How to Save Money as a College Student

$tep 1: Save on the essentials first, such as purchasing inexpensive food and finding a cheap house or apartment to live in.

Living in an apartment is much less expensive than paying for room and board on any college campus. And buying your own food to cook up for yourself is cheaper than eating out every single night.

$tep 2: Take the bus instead of paying for gas.

Our SUNY cards here at Albany provide us with free bus swipes to ride the bus pretty much anywhere. By doing this, you will also be helping the environment by not paying for your own gas to transport 1 person at a time because you’ll be carpooling with the bus people.

$tep 3: On the weekends, bring your own beverage out instead of paying for drinks at the bar or at parties.

If you bring your own drink out, you won’t need to worry about spending money on overpriced drinks at bars or juice at house parties. You can even stock up on empty cans at parties and return them at the store for a nice little boost in income.

$tep 4: Find a friend in each one of your classes and split the cost of your textbooks.

Textbooks are a huge college expense but you can cut this down a little by splitting the price with a friend.You can also check the library for books. Or even better, split the cost between a study group of people for minimal payment.

$tep 5: Don’t buy cable!

Instead you can get an Apple TV or Amazon FireStick to stream literally any content that you want. Streaming devices like these carry plenty of channels that you can get with cable, but without the monthly cost of cable. Anything from sports events to news channels can be accessed on these devices.

There are many ways to cut costs on the expenses needed for college life and with these tips & tricks, saving money can be a lot easier than you think. The simple change of living off campus in apartment housing can instantly save thousands of dollars right off the bat! More long term ways to save such as taking the bus or avoiding overpriced drink fees at the bar can add up to make your wallet, bigger! We hope you found these tips useful and try them out to see for yourself! Soon enough you’ll be ready to mingle as your pockets jingle!

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