How to Get Your First Internship

How to Get Your First Internship

Have you ever been intimidated when your peers were talking about internships? If so, we are here to help! Getting an internship could seem very hard, but we have some tips on how to get your first internship. With these helpful tips you will get your first internship in no time.

Here’s How to Get Your First Internship

How to begin

Create a list of your experiences, skills, and college education in order to prepare a draft of your first resume. Once having a first draft, you can bring your resume to the Career Services provided at your university or to any professional able to critique your resume.

After, apply the critiques to form your final resume. Make sure to include: a proper header, level of education, and skills/experiences

How to choose the right internship

First consider your interests as well as your choice of career path.

Now research potential companies/organizations; your university will provide you with the tools needed for this step as well as places like

How to apply to the internship

Once you figure out your career interests and have researched the potential companies/organizations, you should now apply to as many as you can by sending them your resume and cover letter.

Remember, the more you apply to the better chance you’ll have at acquiring an internship.

How to interview for the internship

If all goes well you’ll be emailed to schedule an interview in person or via Skype!

First make sure you’re prepared for the interview by knowing your resume as well as everything about the company and person you’re interviewing with. Next, buy some business casual clothes for the interview because you want to look as professional as possible in order to be taken seriously. Before you go in for the interview make sure you practice speaking with a family member or friend, this will ease your nerves once you’re actually in the interview

Make sure to follow up by email with the interviewer after the interview to thank them for the opportunity and that you are eager to hear back from them soon. If you have done all this, congrats! You’re on your way to getting your first internship.

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