UAlbany Hot spots

UAlbany Hot Spots!

Each college town has their own hot spots that college students frequent. Whether you’re looking for a fun Girls Night Out or even just looking to go out and meet other students in surrounding areas, you’ll definitely want to check out these spots! At the end of a long week, nothing feels better than getting together with some friends at a fun place to take a load off. Whether it be to shoot pool, play darts, go bowling, have a few drinks, or just hangout, it can be a good stress reliever for overwhelmed students.  

This is exactly why this blog is so helpful to UAlbany college students. If you pick one of these places to go to, you’ll be guaranteed a fun time with a good crowd. So if you’ve had a rough week and need to let loose a bit, or just need to grab a beer and relax, you should definitely check these places out. Be warned: These places are only for ages 21+

Our List of UAlbany Hot Spots

1. Dave n Busters

Dave and Busters has it all, games, food, a full on bar with flat screens all over. Start off with some air hockey then after indulging dinner hit the bar stool and grab your favorite drink. With friendly great customer service this is a prime destination for a friday night out with friends.


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2. Lucky Strike Bowling

Looking for something to do this weekend without the travel hassle in the bitter cold? Check out Lucky Strike, not only is it 10 minutes away from campus but it offers endless fun.Whether you’re into bowling, pool, ping pong or any of the games they offer you are almost guaranteed to have a blast.


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3. Washington Tavern

Did someone say dollar beers?! Yup you heard right, cash out those singles for WT’s Friday unlimited dollar beers. This pub is definitely a well known UAlbany hotspot and a local gem to Albany residents. Late night parking may be somewhat of a hassle but for great food, drinks, and people it’s definitely worth it. Happy Hour is from 4-9pm daily with discounted beverages.


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4. Pearl St Pub (fridays)

A place with a notable dancing scene, Pearl St Pub is in a beautiful location and that not only looks interesting from the outside but even better inside. If it gets too packed for your liking take advantage of their outside seating and get a breath of fresh air. If you show up for Happy Hour, drink discounts are sure to impress


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5. Bombers

Margaritas your cup of tea? Come to Bombers Burrito Bar located on 258 Lark street. If you’re a college student on a budget this is your place to go. Packed with reasonably priced food/drinks and a great crowd you can definitely enjoy your margaritas with all different flavors, frozen too! And if it’s your birthday, you get a giant Margarita exploding with sparklers.


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6. Waterworks Bar

Waterworks is known for their friendly environment and “Therapy Thursdays” where people come to let loose after a hectic week. Upstairs above the bar is a nightclub which is opened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights starting at 11pm. If you’re not up for drinking or dancing, they have a pool table. Come here on your birthday and get a free bottle of Champagne!

7. Wolff’s Biergarten

Are you a soccer fan? If that’s a yes then Wolff’s Biergarten is the perfect hotspot for you. Weekend brunch is served at indoor picnic tables with a great selection of German beers. Another hotspot with very high reviews, Wolff’s Biergarten is a relaxing place to sit back, eat, drink, and relax while watching soccer on a big screen TV.  

8. Speakeasy 518

Amazingly reviewed, Speakeasy 518 is definitely one of the best hotspots in Albany. With background jazz music and dim lighting, this hotspot offers a cozy environment to enjoy some of the best craft cocktails in the area.  

9. Ralphs Tavern

Ralph’s Tavern has a far-reaching menu of Italian and American favorites. Reviewed with 4 out of 5 stars and located at 1328 Central Avenue, this restaurant and pub is a great place for friends to gather and enjoy tasteful drinks and food after a long day of classes.

10. The City Beer Hall

Located at 42 Howard Street in downtown Albany, The City Beer Hall has a great selection of beers and tasty food options. Reviewed over 4 out of 5 stars this festive beer garden houses a mechanical bull where patrons can mount and enjoy their free drinks if they order a pizza.

Out of all the UAlbany hotspots , these are our top ten. So, if you haven’t yet, go check them out! There are many options and a lot to do! The best times are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday nights!

Have you visited any of the above places? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which one(s) are you excited to check out? Are the any other hot spots not listed above that you think deserves attention? Comment below!

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