Most Disliked Celebrities

Top 10 Most Disliked Celebrities That You Should Not Look Up Too

As a society, we tend to look up to celebrities and the lavish lives they live. But why? Is that really the people we aspire to be like? We think not. If zero of these high profile celebrities aren’t on your Top Ten Most Disliked list – there’s a problem.

Our List of 10 Most Disliked Celebrities

1. Donald Trump


Image courtesy of Peter K. Levy

Although, Donald Trump is widely known for being a billionaire businessman – that doesn’t make all the horrible things he has done and currently is doing, okay. He’s known to be a womanizer, a misogynist, and a big orange bully.

I mean we have a president that used the phrase, “Grab Em By The P****”. Need I say more?

2. Lil Wayne


Image courtesy of kevin

The sizzurp king. Mr. Purple Drank. Mr. Cough Syrup. I mean can this man be any more inspirational? Little Wayne is infamous for rapping about drugs, gang violence and the objectification of women. He has been in and out of jail numerous times and an active member of the Bloods, a street gang. How is this guys still walking the streets and how is he a celebrity?

3. Amy Schumer


Image courtesy of PDNOnline

Well known comedian who everyone loves right? Wrong. Schumer has been known to be a part of several controversies because of her so called jokes, which only consist of degrading others – and sometimes even herself. Girl bye.

4. Miley Cyrus


Image courtesy of Rob Sinclair

Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular “singers” in the world. But she definitely is not a role model with all those naked photos and rude behaviours. It is common for her to flaunt the naked body and delivers an inappropriate sexual image to young girls as a woman. She also pole danced at kids choice awards, twerked in VMAs, and always sticks out her “sexy” tongue. She may think she is a sexy successful artist. But we certainly do not see her talents and the correct image as a successful female artist. So girl you can leave like a wrecking ball.

5. Johnny Knoxville


Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Notorious for his death defying stunts. Johnny Knoxville makes number five on this list because of his stupidity. Johnny is the laughingstock of America. There is no reason why anyone should look up to him. He lives an incredibly insane lifestyle and may be one of the most dangerous people to be around.

6. Flavor Flav


Image courtesy of Alterna2

Flavor Flav was a rapper and actor who was most known for yelling “yeahhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” as a hype man for the hip-hop group known as Public Enemy. After Public Enemy going downhill Flavor Flav had his own VH1 Series called “Flavor of Love”. If you know Flavor Flav you know how much he loves his fake clocks… Honestly all the girls who were in the show actually went for his money than looks!!! Like come on look at him….

7. Blac Chyna


Image courtesy of Alexandria K Passe

Blac Chyna was originally a stripper in 2010, but then began modeling. She later caught the attention of rap artist Tyga, and the two later had a baby in 2012 and later split in 2014. The messed up part comes here. Blac Chyna was long time friends with Kim Kardashian, and wasn’t all that ecstatic when Tyga started dating her younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

But the weirdest part happened in January 2016, when Rob Kardashian began dating Blac Chyna – and then became engaged, and then by May 6th they were already expecting. It was to no surprise really when texts were leaked between Blac Chyna and her friend of how she was using Rob to seek revenge and make money off the relationship. Rob and Chyna split not too soon after by the end of that year. Number seven worthy much?

8. Alex Rodriguez


Image courtesy of Keith Allison

Rodriguez accomplished many things in Major League Baseball but he will always be remembered as a cheater. “A-Rod” let down baseball fans all around the world when he was proven to have used performance enhancing drugs. Kids all over the world were let down when they found out about A-Rod using steroids. Rodriguez was heavily penalized for this and missed out on his shot of entering the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Cheaters don’t go down in history.

9. Lindsay Lohan


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Being as a successful child star, Lindsay Lohan has certainly gone real bad when she grows up. Teen girls used to love her pure and innocent image in the films. But behind the scene, she parties hard, goes hard on drugs, being caught drunk driving, being sent to jail not the film new Mean Girl or Orange is the New Black but because of the breaching of the alcohol education program. Sadly that even heavy make up cannot cover the torn face or tinted teeth with drug addiction. We do wish a brand new comeback of the mean girl but seems like it is a hopeless wait.

10. Amanda Bynes


Image courtesy of Zennie Abraham

Another child star here. Well seems like it is easy for child actor to go wrong. She goes from “She is The Man” to She is Crazy. Being arrested for DUI, hit-and-run twice or dousing her dog in gasoline and many other crazy nonsense behaviours, it is undoubtedly not what teen girls should follow. Let’s all pray that she recovers from mental illness soon ( as you can see from the picture).

Honorable Mentions

“Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah” (Danielle Bregoli)

Danielle who is an out of control teenager who steals cars, twerking & Knife-wielding at the age of only 13. Danielle became a social media meme after she acquired an accent from the “streets” saying “Catch me Outside How bout that”. After that she’s been on every social media. She has gotten into fights on an airplane to wanting to fight all of the Kardashian’s. She is not ordinary “Celebrity Teen”.

Top image courtesy of Max Pixel

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