Communication Degree

What Can You Do With a Communications Degree?

If you are a communications major who is confused about what to do after college, look no further! Whether you enjoy public speaking, sitting behind a computer, or something more hands on there is something for everyone in this diverse major. There are many things you can do with a degree in communications.

Find what’s for you:

Interpersonal/Health Communication

Do you enjoy studying and understanding the feelings, behavior, and nonverbal and verbal cues of others? Then a job dealing with interpersonal/ health communication is perfect for you!

  •  Public Speaking-

Giving speeches and teaching about motivational speaking ranging from persuasive to informative types of speech.

  •   Gender and Communication-

Researching and teaching topics ranging from gender binaries in the media to gender stereotypes in everyday society.

  • Conflict, Negotiation, and Mediation-

This could range from counseling families to counseling students to counseling in the workplace.

Public Relations and Publicity:

Public relations manages the overall reputation of the client while building relationships with their audience and other people involved. Publicity creates public awareness and attention about a company, organization, or individual while gaining a presence around their brand.

  • Event Planner-

You could plan events for people in Politics, help nonprofit fundraisers, and help the images of big organizations and individuals.

  • Speech Writer-

Help construct press releases and speeches ranging from big organizations to individual people.

  • Media and Communications Manager-

In charge of social media accounts, reaching out to other people or organizations to make and keep connections as well as helping to create content to persuade their audiences to support them.


Whether you aspire to work on a set, behind a camera, or behind a computer, production could be the perfect field for you.

  • Pre-production-

Planning, writing, and casting of what you are trying to produce. This could include: script writing, casting for a TV show or movie, planning where everyone is supposed to be during the production, and more.

  • The cast/crew during a production-

In this category you can obtain a job ranging from a news anchor to a camera (wo)man or even being the producer of the content.

  • Post-production

The editing and finalizing of the content given to you or that you personally made.

As you can see, there are a lot of jobs you can obtain with a degree in communications. Besides PR and Publicity, Interpersonal/ Health Communication, and Production there are still many more fields that you can choose to go into after college. Communications is a broad field which is why we think it is a great choice of major! Be sure to check out the links we provided within each job category and research on your own all the different jobs/internships you can obtain with a communications major.

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