Welcome to SpeakUp UAlbany

We are SpeakUp UAlbany! We’re here to spread the word of communication through our team members’ incredible voices! Who are these thoughtful team members, you may ask:

thumbnail_img_20170214_090939_547Elizabeth Brigham
Major/Minor: Communications & Rhetoric/Art
Grade Level: Junior
College Campus: University at Albany SUNY


thumbnail_img_20161102_141227Niffie Abe
Major/Minor: Business/Communications
Grade Level: Senior
College Campus: University at Albany SUNY


imageHannah Buckey
Major/Minor: Communications & Rhetoric/Informatics
Grade Level: Junior
College Campus: University at Albany SUNY



As students who are involved in the Communications and Business fields, we want to share our knowledge with others who may have some of the same interests and encourage students’ involvement in the Communications field.

We will cover many topics, including; “Top 10 Careers in Communication”, “How to Improve Public Speaking Skills”, “Benefits of Being a Communications Major/Minor”, etc.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts and interests with the hopes of helping anyone who may still be on the verge of deciding to become a Communications major/minor, or anyone who is currently studying this field! Stay tuned for more information to come by clicking the subscribe button below!

Cover Photo Credit: Gary Night – “With a Megaphone by a Wall”


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