The Groupies

Hey everyone,

This is a little about us.

We have 3 members.

  • Chizi – She is a senior at the University at Albany (we all are), and she majors in Biology and minors in Communications.
  • Cristian – He is also a senior, but he majors in Communications and minors in Latin American Caribbean Studies.
  • Michelle – Last but not least, she is also a senior, majors in Communications and minors in Business.

We would like to showcase UAlbany from the Groupies perspective. You will get an inside look of the school from the mixiest (the cool kids). If you want to know what networking events to go to, people to meet, places to see, and professors to take, you should try and read all of our posts. So, come to our blog for the latest updates around campus!

Cover photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

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