Meet the Team

Who are we?

We are SAK: Shawna Carney, Alexa Kramer, and Kate Sesselman.

Shawna is a junior at the University at Albany majoring in Communications with minors in Spanish and Business. My plan is to try and get into advertising with my sister. She currently works for an advertising agency (Eric Moher and Associates) and I’d like to join her after I graduate.

Alexa is a junior at the University at Albany majoring in Communication with minors in Journalism and Sociology. My plan for after college is to work in television production or to be involved with broadcasting in some way.

Kate is a junior majoring in Communications with minors in Business and History. Kate hopes to work in public relations in either the filed of politics or public history.

Why are we writing this blog?

Our overall goal is to attract students with undeclared majors and incoming freshmen wanting to know more about what’s involved with becoming a communications major.

What will we write about?

Some topics we will discuss include: the different classes you can take as a Communications major, internship opportunities, all the things you can do as a communications major after college, and much more.



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