Life UAlbany Students Communication Major

The Life of a UAlbany Communication Student

We are interviewing two of UAlbany’s finest communication students. They are both currently seniors at the university and intend on graduating in may of 2017. They will be giving some insight into what exactly it entails to be a communication major and the benefits they have received from such.

Meet Joey and Mike!!

1.Why did you choose to come to Albany?

J:”It was the best available option from all the schools I got accepted to and I felt like it was a good fit financially and education wise.”

M:” I visited Albany a lot in high school and it was my favorite by far”

2.What’s your favorite part about Albany?

J: ” The people I have met over the past four years that helped me graduate and get to where I am today”

M:” All the helpful resources and staff that have been available to help me get to this point”

3.Why did you pick communications as your major?

J: “I picked communications because it was a major that could be applied to many different careers such as business which I hope to pursue one day”

M: ” I really want to get into sports media and its the best major to make that a reality”

4.What is your favorite class you have taken in this major?

J: “Persuasion of films because it dealt with communication styles that applied to movies”

M:”Theories of mass media because it relates to the field I wanna get in and has taught me valuable information for the future”

5.Have you participated in any internships or programs outside the classroom?

J: “I will be participating in the New York State Assembly internship this spring where I will be working at the capitol”

M: “I had an internship at mass mutual financial group and that is the internship that made me change my focus in school and decide on communications”

6.What do you want to do with your major in the future?

J:”Hopefully the internship opens up new doors for me for a job in the government”

M:” I want to get into sports writing and potentially write for a sports television show”

7.What’s the greatest benefit the communication department gave you during your time at Albany?

J:” Professor Husson constantly presenting opportunities to enhance my studies in communications and bring it to life is one of the greatest benefits I could have asked for in my college career”

M: ” The wide variety of classes that allowed me to discover what aspect of communications I wanted to get into in the future”


As you can see, these are two communication majors that have taken full advantage of the opportunities UAlbany has offered. If this a major that appeals to you, visit the UAlbany communication page below for more information!

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