First Semester Communication Major

What Your First Semester as a Communication Major is Really Like…

For this blog post, we decided to interview each other to better understand our thoughts and feelings toward being a UAlbany COM Major and a student in the Communication Department.

Sometimes students are nervous to voice their opinions for fear of nobody else agreeing… However, it is very typical that if you are having a specific thought or concern about something regarding the COM Major and Communication Department, another student feels the same way.

Here are our interviews:

What is your name? What is your Major? How well do you like your major?

MOLLY: My name is Molly. My major is Communication with a minor in Business. I love my major. I think it is very interesting and challenging but also very fun and useful in the real-world.

KRISTINE: Kristine, Communication Major and Business Minor. I enjoy being a communication major because I am able to take classes that involve creative thinking and enhancing collaboration and public speaking skills which will be necessary in future jobs I am interested in.

ANTIA: Antia Constable. I am a Communication major. And so far I love my major the information I learn in my higher-leveled classes are super interesting.

ElI: Elijah Jones and communications.I like my major a lot, I have dreams and aspirations of proceeding on with this kind of work after graduation.

What was your favorite thing about the COM dept. at Albany?

MOLLY: My favorite thing about the COM Department at Albany is Debbie Bourassa. She is the receptionist in the main COM office but she can help you with absolutely anything and is so nice and accommodating.

KRISTINE: My favorite thing about the communication department at Albany is the wide selection of classes and topics you are able to focus on based on your interests such as Public Relations which is a course I took and enjoyed last semester.

ANTIA: My favorite thing about the communications dept is that they are so helpful they always give you great internship opportunities and alumns for advice. Also the teacher are very nice.

ELI: My favorite thing about COM at Albany is that the major gives you a taste of everything that is involved in communications.

What is one thing you don’t like about the COM dept.?

MOLLY: I do not like how they do advisement for each semester. Every time I have gone in for my meeting it has lasted only 5 minutes and I do not feel like I was guided or helped at all.

KRISTINE: My least favorite thing about the communication department at Albany is the way the process works for picking classes. I would have liked to have more time to look over course descriptions instead of having to read them over on the spot and pick them right then and there at the advisement meeting. I also think there should be more experienced counselors working with students to help guide them in the right direction.

ANTIA: I would like more guidance with what classes to take regarding my career and what steps to take towards it.

ELI: One thing that I don’t like is that some of the classes are repetitive.

What do you think could be changed to help to draw more people to the COM major?

MOLLY: Everyone thinks the COM major is the easy way out major. To help more people be attracted to the COM major I think all undecided Freshman/Sophomores should take an Intro course so people understand what it is all about.

KRISTINE: To help draw more people to the COM major I think student projects such as social media projects we have done in courses I have taken could be displayed more so other students and prospective students have a better idea of what types of things we do.

ANTIA: Make the career options more known. I think a lot of people are unsure of the options we have making it unappealing at times.

ELI: I think that more internships cold be offered to COM students to bring new students into the major. I also think that more well-rounded classes could be added.

Was it easy to meet and relate to other COM majors?

MOLLY: I have made lots of friends within my major because of all the group work. I relate to them great because we all have common interests (in COM).

KRISTINE: Personally, I joined the Communication honor society so it was easy for me to meet and speak with other Com majors and find out about interesting classes that way.

ANTIA: Yes communication majors are everywhere. They are bio minors, business minors, sociology minors, theater minors. Its so easy to meet one. We are everywhere

ELI: It was easy to relate to other COM majors because I already had experience from my previous school.

Are there common complaints many COM students have?

MOLLY: I have not heard of any repetitive complaints regarding the major.

KRISTINE: One common complaint I’ve heard from Com majors is that courses fill up quickly but other than that I think most students are happy with their choice of major.

ANTIA: Not knowing what to do with their degree or the cost of text books, haha.

ELI: No there aren’t any common complaints.

Were there any moments you felt you made the wrong choice of major?

MOLLY: No, not at all.

KRISTINE: I never felt like I made the wrong decision because I think the Com major fits perfectly with my interests.

ANTIA: Nope! Not yet

ELI: I felt I made the wrong choice when I began doing a lot of book work. It felt like the major was starting to feel like sociology.

Overall what would you rate your experience at UAlbany as a COM major? Why?

MOLLY: I would rate my experience as a 10 out of 10. I feel like I will be ready for the real world.

KRISTINE: I would rate my experience as an 9 because I highly enjoy the major I chose I just wish I chose it sooner!

ANTIA: A 7.5/10. The courses they offer are not hands on enough as oppose to schools like Oneonta, New Paltz or even Buffalo State (which is primarily an education school).

ELI: I rate my experience an 8 out of 10 because I already had credits for my major before I transferred to UA. If I would’ve took more COM classes at UA I would have


Overall, the Communication Department is wonderful place filled with people willing to help you succeed. If you have any questions about the Communication major, feel free to use the contact button above, we would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We hope our interviews were helpful to you!

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