Interview with UAlbany Grad

An Interview With A Soon-To-Be UAlbany Grad

Everyone debates whether they made the right college choice. I mean it can be scary! You’re basically deciding at seventeen years old where you’re going to spend the next four years of your life. Sound a little bit like you? Well don’t worry. All four of us here at Dube & The Girls went through the same feelings of nervousness when we began our four year journey here at UAlbany. And guess what? So did many other college students! We interviewed a soon-to-be UAlbany grad about their experience at the University at Albany:


How do you like UAlbany?

UAlbany has been an incredible experience for me, and I believe is a University like no other. The atmosphere and diversity of students shows it is a school that accepts people from all over, from New York State and Long Island, to people across the country and around the world. UAlbany also has a great set of professors and staff that work at the school that are always there willing to help you. SUNY Albany was a great choice for me and is a school for everybody.

What’s something you love to do on campus?

Something I love to do on campus is getting involved in the different clubs and intramural sports. One of my personal favorite clubs was the Ski and Snowboard club when I was a Freshman and Sophomore. This club gave me the opportunity to still be able to get to the mountain every Saturday morning without having to worry about needing a car. I also met some awesome people during those 2 years that I still go with in my senior year. As for the intramural sports, 5 v 5 basketball was my favorite sport to participate in during the spring semester. The school has a large variety of sports for you to get involved in if basketball isn’t your thing. They have everything from soccer, flag football, softball, to lacrosse and rugby.

Did you have any difficulties transitioning from high school to college?

I would say the hardest part for me was definitely learning how to manage my time responsibly. The biggest change for me was just being on my own and not having anyone to tell me what to do. After my first year I quickly learned that if I chose to not do an assignment or study for a test, that was on me. So I realized I could still go out and have fun with my friends, I just had to make sure I had one day picked out every weekend where I would take a trip to the library. That honestly has been the biggest thing I wish someone had told me right from the start!

Do you feel like you’ve made the right decision picking Communications as your major?

After spending 4 years here, I do believe this school and program was the right choice for me. I chose this school as a senior in high school because of their attractive business school program but after learning that that was not the route I wanted to go, I looked at other options. Communication is a great option because you can go into so many different fields, there is no one set path for you after you graduate. After taking different classes on all of the different fields there are, I am aiming to go into the field of public relations once I am done with school.

What has been your biggest struggle in college?

My biggest struggle in college was getting involved and feeling like I really belonged on campus. Transferring half-way through my sophomore year was a huge change, especially coming from a big school away from home that I loved. Being from Albany and moving back in with my parents made it difficult to branch out and meet new people.

How did you solve this problem?

I solved this problem by completing an internship on campus for the Student Affairs Media Team. Through this, I met a lot of students who happened to be interested in the same things as me. I ended up meeting one of my best friends at school.  Moreover, since I was a social media coordinator and it was my job to promote events on campus, I learned more about what was going on around me and all the cool things UAlbany has to offer.

If you could have done something differently in your college career here at UAlbany, what would you do?

I would have gotten more involved. I’m in a few organizations here on campus, but I’m not necessarily passionate about them. There’s so many different types of clubs and organizations on campus I wish I would have explored my options more.

Do you have any ideas of what you want to do after school?

I am hoping to do something in PR or Marketing. I’ve always been interested in both of those fields, and I have an internship with a local PR firm next semester. Hopefully interning will help show me if this is a career path that I really want to pursue.


Hopefully hearing from this UAlbany student made starting your college career a little more real and a little less scary! Everyone has the same feelings of nervousness and anxiety, but somehow, it all turns out okay. The best piece of advice would be to follow your dream and never hold back. You only have one life so let’s make the best of it!

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