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Trying to Figure out How to Pick the Right College? Find out How from Us

For some people, the dreaded thought of “oh man, I have to find a college to go to” is constantly running through their minds. It might be your main focus throughout your senior year, or it might be that last minute thing that you “forgot” you had to do. Have no idea where to start, or even better, how to start? Like always, we got your back. But this time, we actually give you the insight (shocking, I know). Andrew took a bit of a break, so hear from the rest of us (Shaun, Boe, and Ryan).

Q: Simple started question- Tell me about yourself

S: Senior in college.I’m majoring in Communication and business. I have an apartment in Albany and I work too much.

R: I’m a senior majoring in Communications and Business. I have an apartment downtown and I don’t work enough. Although, I often play intramural sports and workout on campus.

B: Senior as well. Graduating this December in 5 days, majoring in marketing. I have an apartment downtown and also work as a bouncer at Washington tavern.

Q: How was high school life for you/what were your interests?

S: High School was fun. I had met a lot of great people as well as keeping on track of my academics. Some of my interests were Guitar, Soccer, and Key Club.

R: High school was the easy good old days. I played football, basketball, and baseball. Also was a part of senior honor society. I really just enjoyed seeing my best friends every day.

B: I had a great time in high school, I focused on academics as well as athletics playing varsity ice hockey for four years and football for three.

Q: What was your mindset going into senior year concerning college?

S:College is a huge deal for any senior and college and my experience was rather stressful .I had to deal with deciding whether or not I wanted to go out of state and if i could even afford it. Eventually i ended up going to a community college where a lot of my friends from high school went. It felt like another year of high school added to senior year and i would not recommend it at all. Go where you want to go and don’t be afraid to try new things.

R: To have a great two semesters academically to give a little boost to my gpa. Also to start applying to big organizations and firms to secure a job before graduating. And of course to have fun and enjoy my last year of college.

B: My mindset going into college was one with serious unknowns, I did not want to be too far from home but being under my parents nose was not ideal in my eyes either. So I came to Albany as it is 2 ½ hours from my hometown.

Q: What kind of student were you in high school?

S: I jumped to a lot of different high schools but overall i was the social one.
I wasn’t afraid to go out of my way for someone else or try new things such as sports/ clubs. I liked challenging myself to do better and overall was a good student.

R: I was someone who put sports over academics and was very social but academics still always came right behind it. I wasn’t the smartest kid but I worked hard to always get my homework done on time and prepare well for my tests.

B: Much to the surprise of many of my peers who knew me only in a social setting where I tended to be rambunctious, I actually had a high gpa, participated in student government and enjoyed going to school to learn.

Q: What did you think college life was all about?

S:Parties haha. That’s the first thing that I thought of when I was a freshman. Staying in dorms and getting twisted every week. But obviously we come here for academics. Everyone has their freshman party in themselves but after just remember why we came to college

R: At UAlbany of course the party life is in the back of your mind but I also knew the business school was great so that was my main train of thought.

B: Juggling the responsibilities that come with the academic side of going to a university while also maintaining a healthy and sometimes unhealthy relationship with partying, leading to sometimes all-nighters and all sorts of other taboo college activities.

Q: What was your main influence for going to college? (People, career, aspirations)

S:My main influence for going to college was to do to better for myself and as well as for my mom. I want to get a good job so she doesn’t have to worry. She raised me and we went through a lot of hardships. She deserves better and with my college degree and what I learned I know I can be the best I can be.

R: My parents. Since freshman year in high school they made sure I worked hard enough to achieve the grades that would get me onto the next level.  

B: The people around me and the environment told me that it was a time where not going to college was really not an option and if I wanted to grow up get a good job, a nice house and nice things, that this was the road to take.

Q: How did your choices differ between each other? (Price, location, size, etc.)

S: I wanted to stay in NY. Pricing was a big thing for me but I wanted to get the full college experience the best way I could. Eventually I had received a scholarship to UAlbany and choose this as my college. Money was tight and I would recommend for other incoming college students to apply for scholarships as much as they can.

R: At first, I wanted to go down South where it was warmer. I soon realized that I actually didn’t want to be that far away from home just because of commuting back for holidays and just because I’m very close with my family. Size wize I knew I wanted to go to big school but still applied to some smaller ones. Price wise I decided that going to a successful SUNY school would be the best bang for my buck.

B: A big thing for me was the size and the personality of the university, price was not so much a concern of mine because the main thing i was looking for was furthering myself, regardless of price and the other school I was going to go to was Syracuse (20 minutes from my home) but both my parents and some other family went there and although I got accepted, I didn’t want to stand in their shadow

Q: What was the main thing that brought you to this college?

S: The location and my scholarship.

R: The price and size.

B: A can do attitude, never sell yourself short and always shoot for the stars, as corny as that may sound.

Q: Any tips you can give to someone looking into a college?

S: You probably heard this alot from your teachers and advisors but apply early. Widen your options and explore colleges that might be of interest to you. This is a huge decision in your life and requires time. Have fun with it, college is a great time to find yourself.

R: Apply to some schools with lower tuition, you’ll be in debt for awhile.

B: You should never sequester yourself away from any certain experience because you will never know if you would like it unless you have some knowledge or experience with it.

Q: Anything you want to clarify about the college life? (myths, ideas, theories, etc.)

S: You’re gonna be broke. Get a job. 😀

R: Work hard, play hard.

B: The freshman 15 is a real thing and working out not only can improve your overall health but can be used as a stress reliever. And yeah get a job doing something that’s easy, like throwing people out of WT’s.

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