5 Must-Know Interviewing Tips for College Kids

The dreaded job interview: Every college kid’s nightmare. The anxiety, nervousness and preparation associated with an interview is enough to make you crazy! Thankfully, there are many helpful tips floating around to get you past your fear and into your first real-person job. Here are a few:


Tip: Stress doesn’t always have to be negative!

Stress before an interview is inevitable-but it doesn’t always have to be negative and destructive! Psychologist Kelly McGonigal believes that it’s YOU who controls whether you use your stress as a negative or a positive in your next interview.


Tip: Speak so people want to listen.

This video applies to everyday life, but it is really helpful when you’re answering those tricky interview questions! Julian Treasure goes through his “rules of thumb” to follow to ensure a successful and effective interview.


Tip: Body language is powerful.

Ever heard of power posing? Amy Cuddy urges you to try out some of her power posing before your next interview. It may sound silly, but many people swear by it! Being in the right mindset might give you that extra confidence boost to get the job!


Tip: 5 things to bring to a job interview

Showing up to an interview empty handed can give your possible future employer a bad impression about you. So if you’re looking to up the ante, and stand out from other people applying for the job, here’s a few easy things you can do to impress your interviewer:

  • Bring a hard copy of your resume: Your interviewer is more than likely to already have a copy, but you can never be too sure. They could have you meet with someone in a different department that does not have your resume, or maybe they lost track of time and weren’t able to print. So just always make sure you bring it, free of spelling and grammar errors!
  • References: Bring a list of past jobs you’ve had, make sure to include name, phone number, email address and relationship. Even if it was a part time job you they still might want to talk to your employer so they can here about all the great attributes you carry as an employee.
  • Previous work you have related to your job interview: Bring any past jobs or internships that are related to the job you’re applying too. This will give you an edge up from the other people applying, and show your employer you’re already ahead of the game!
  • Paper and pen: An employer that sees you taking notes, proves to them that you are engaged and prepared. It will also help you to remember your follow-up contact.
  • Smile: Don’t forget to bring your smile! This shows your are positive, with an upbeat attitude!


Tip: DO Dress for Success!

For women:

  1. Pants should be tailored and neutral in color.
  2. Skirts should be knee-length.
  3. Heels should be short, if not flats are always acceptable.
  4. Tights are a must, they make everything look better together.

Don’t be afraid of a little lipstick and blush, but don’t over-do it and wear pounds of purple eye-shadow and bright red lipstick, making it impossible to forget you (NOT in a good way!)

For men:

  1. Choosing a both neutral color dress pants and shirt goes a long way.
  2. You can never go wrong with a tie.
  3. Make sure to look well groomed; get a haircut in advance, trim your facial hair/beard if needed, and don’t forget the cologne (only a little… DO NOT over-spray!)
  4. Wear dress shoes, there is no faster way to ruin a perfectly thought of interview outfit than to match it with dirty old sneakers!

Make it easier for the interviewer to envision you as already part of the team!

These 5 tips will boost your confidence, vibe, and overall result in your first interview (and others to follow). There are endless pieces of advice, try a simple google search for more information. Just remember, with the right attitude, mindset and determination- you CAN do it!


Image courtesy of HSG Talent

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