3 Must Read Buzzfeed Articles for College Freshman

Going into your freshman year of college can be scary. You are not sure what exactly to expect, if you are going to like it or hate it and if you are going to survive. Take it from 4 college seniors who have done and seen it all. BuzzFeed is your Best. Friend. Whether you need a useful life hack, a little inspiration, a recipe or a good laugh, BuzzFeed has it all.

Don’t doubt us… we know you might think BuzzFeed is filled with silly articles, videos and quizzes but they do have articles that have proved very helpful to college students. Here are our favorite 3…

Trust us when we tell you, you will eventually HATE the dining halls on campus. Learning to survive on Easy-Mac gets boring. So here is BuzzFeed’s most useful Mug Recipes article:



Freaking out about all the decisions you have to make as a freshman? Relax and read this BuzzFeed article about decisions college freshman should not be afraid to make



Being that might be your first time living with your guardian, you will have to get very craft with the limited access college life gives you. Whether it be with classes or laundry here’s a few tips BuzzFeed offer as Hacks Every College Student Needs To Know:



If these articles relate to you or not, they might when you get to college. Even if they don’t they’re still pretty funny to read! College has so many new experiences and a little informative/comical blogs could go a long way


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