10 “Oh So Relatable” College Tweets

College can be such a relatable experience amongst students. From aspects of barely having enough money to spend, to how horrible the college food can be. Students usually take to twitter to express their college experiences or college life with the world by sending out relatable college tweets. Other students come across these tweets and may repost these relatable tweets or even hit the like button if they are able to share a relatable experience.

Relatable college tweets relating to college experiences contain joking remarks or even memes to express feelings towards certain aspects of college life. For example an individual may tweet a picture of Ramen noodles and caption it, “college struggle = my dinner.” A lot of the time it is a play on words where everyone can agree and think back on how the statement is so true. We’ve composed 10 “oh so relatable” college tweets to help make sense of college life and help you relate with your fellow peers.


  1. When you just need a little motivation! LOL

2. You can’t always do it on your own! LMAO

3. Happens to the best of us! 

4. Swiper no swiping!

5. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

6. The struggle is real! 

7. Finals summed up in one picture! 

8. You gotta do what you gotta do!

9. They don’t want you to succeed *DJ Khaled voice*

10. It’s the little things

We hope these tweets help you live a little. I’m sure many of you can relate to these tweets as all college students go through it sometimes. Share it with your college friends so they can relate and laugh about it too. Feel free to comment with which tweets were your favorite or most relatable below.


Image courtesy of: Elkekarin

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