The Freshman 15

Have you heard of the freshman 15? Millions of college students around the world are dealing with this problem every year. Legend has it that during your freshman year of college, you gain 15 pounds. How true is this? 15 pounds is actually a made up number that stuck, but it still implies the fact that students gain weight during their college years.

Studies show varied results. A lot of weight gain has to do with dieting and exercise. Sometimes it could also just be a part of the body growing and going through it’s process. Nevertheless, weight gain is a commonality throughout college campuses everywhere. The most drastic weight changes occurs during the first year of college due to drastic change of environment and routine.



Though the freshman 15 has its falsehoods, there is a lot factual information behind it. We hope after reading this information, you reflect on your diet and exercise habits. The name “freshman 15” is a good way to make you more aware of your eating habits during your first year at college. Share this with your friends so they can avoid the freshman 15 too!

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