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Need a major? We got you covered

With incoming college freshman and undeclared freshman, there is always one question they want to ask: what do I study? This point in your life determines the rest of your career, so having a little light to shine the path for you wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. As per usual, that is why we are here.

Everyone wants to find there passion, or at least something to study that’s easy with a big payout ( we’re talking HUGE numbers). But there has to be some type of starting point, some type of info for you to be like “yeah, I want to do that”. But finding that information can be hard and difficult to process. Which is why we made a simplified, top ten guide of the best majors to pursue in college.

We would be biased if we told you to pursue communications ( because obviously it is the best). But at least there are options, things for you to investigate and try out. Maybe take a class in some of these topics, see what works out for you. And even if you think you found “the one”, don’t settle for it. Try around, gather the info you need to make a decision. Remember: this is your future. Don’t settle, make it happen

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