Survive Tundra Winter

Surviving the Tundra

As Jon Snow said, “Winter is coming”. And trust us, it will easily become one of the hardest seasons to deal with at college. Snow, transportation, even getting food will all prove to be a challenge during the winter. Not necessarily survival of the fittest, but more of who is actually prepared. Like in ever other post, we will be the superheros to save the day to make sure you don’t get the cold shoulder (Beware of incoming cold puns, it will make you shiver at how bad they are).


Easily one of the most important things that you will have to deal with. One word: LAYERS! T-shirt, long sleeve, hoodie, jacket (in that order). Having more layers on you guarantees that you will be warm throughout the day. Plus it’s easier to take off layers if you’re hot. Also, cheaper isn’t always better. If you’re trying to decide between a $30 jacket and a $60 jacket, go with the one that’s more expensive. It will be better material and will ultimately last longer than the cheaper one ( that’s why its cheap). And I know ice may be on the ground, but there is no reason for you to be slipping and sliding into class. Wear the correct footwear to avoid public humiliation. Boots, or at least sneakers with grips like wide receiver’s hold on a football, will make your day a lot easier and won’t turn you into the insta-joke on campus.


getting around campus, and even to other places, will be one of the biggest struggles you will have, whether it be with public transportation or if you have your own car. Not being able to go somewhere will instantly make your day even more miserable than the weather is making it, so if you need to go somewhere, plan ahead and accordingly. Be to the bus stop early, or make sure you get an earlier bus so you don’t have to be late to whatever you want to do (because that’s always important). If you have a car, make sure you have the right tools to not get yourself into a chilling situation. Having a snow brush and a shovel should be the main things on your priority. As some hacks, make a vinegar solution and spray it on your windows at night to prevent frost to form on your windshield. Also, if you desperately need to ride your bike somewhere, put zip ties on your ties. It will create more traction for your tires so you don’t slip and fall.


Every college kid always has something planned to do, whether with friends, families, organizations, or something personal. For this reason, it is smart to plan ahead and accordingly. You don’t want to be “that guy” holding your friends up to do something hype because of the weather. And bring extra layers. No reason to be freezing when you can have a hoodie or gloves or something more to keep you warm. Also, even if you guys are having the time of your life, you may want to freeze what you’re doing and leave early. If there is ever a chance for traffic or the weather to be horrible, slip and slide your way out of the door and head home.


With the cold and snow becoming prominent, so does the idea of having hot foods and beverages to make the cold days a little warmer. In the morning, drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are amazing to get your day start (although lets be real, you’re probably drinking coffee already anyway). Meal prepping, whether trying to be healthy or not, will help save you some time during the day. Cutting some things up, defrosting some things, or even cooking your meal early in the day will help ease the cold away. If you make a meal, make enough for a couple days. No one’s going to want to come home from a long cold day and want to cook. Having some leftovers will be beneficial for you. Also, a water boiler will help DRASTICALLY! Tea, coffee, ramen, you name it, a water boiler can help you

Staying warm

If there is anything you want to do during the cold, it is just to be warm (duh). If you’re in your room, wear layers. Having on socks, sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt: just something extra to help maintain some extra heat. If you can afford a heater, get one. Best investment you will make in college, easily (they tend to be lazy with the heat). Also, MULTIPLE BLANKETS!!!! There is no reason to be complaining that you are cold at night if you have 3 blankets on you, we promise. Also, as a hack, put some tin foil behind the radiators in the room, if they are there obviously. It will reflect the heat back into the room to keep you even warmer.



Hopefully this hacks will help you battle the cold (weather and sickness) and will keep you warm throughout the winter. It will make your college experience a bit more tolerable, and won’t be a burden. Make sure you are ready to see people fall, they always do 🙂

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