Vote Election Away from School

How to Vote in the Presidential Election of 2016 While Away at School

When election season comes around many students face a reoccurring problem of being registered to vote at your home town election hall, rather then your temporary one at school. A lot of students are not sure of how to possess an absentee ballot, so they often don’t even bother or just seem to forget to try. Below we will summarize how one can obtain an absentee ballot with the help of a power point from SlideShare.

An absentee ballot is a ballot that allows you to vote from a different location rather then your home address. In order to obtain one of these you must submit an absentee ballot application to your home county board of election seven days before the actual election.

Its key to do this seven days before the primary election as they will have time to register you to vote in the county board of elections where your temporary address is stationed. This is a very simple process that will be explained in the slideshow:

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