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Halloween: I’m Not Clownin’ Around

Halloween’s right around the corner. Currently over 180,00 people are searching this holiday up, and for good reason (and the number is only going to grow). That time of the year where everyone’s creativity (and wallet) is put to the test. The ultimate competition to have the best costume out of everyone on the entire planet, and you plan on winning this year. You become your own Pablo Picasso, being your own personal canvas to dress yourself up in however you see fit. If there is ever a time to bring out your creativity, it’s Halloween.

Halloween is your time to show your creativity that you are probably too scared to show any other day of the year. Whether it’s dark and you dress up like the Joker, or wacky and goofy and you become a minion, or serious like Walter White, this is your moment to show the people who you are around what you truly are. It’s a social event, a runway for people to express themselves freely without judgement. If you wanted to be nerdy, be nerdy. Dirty? Go ahead. Crazy?……just don’t be a clown. Seriously, don’t. Not with the “Killer Clowns” going around. Not a smart idea.

Ever wondered why you would see 20+ people wearing the same costume, especially when a main stream movies get released?  There is a correlation between this: the better the movie does in the box office and how popular it is, the more likely you will see costumes around that movie. For instance, with the release of Suicide Squad and the ratings it got, there is no doubt in our minds that there will be small armies of Jokers, Harley Quinn’s, and Deadshot’s running around with a gang of Batman’s right behind them. Same thing can be said about the success of Pokemon Go, everyone will try to be the very best and will dress up as different Pokemon trainers (theme music may be blasting too: you have been warned).

Still not sure of what to do/be? Creative juices running on empty at the point? Just go to Pinterest. Pinterest is a social networking site that enables the user to browse and create “pins” of content and their interest. You can always browse other users pins and get some ideas for yourself. You can search up “Halloween” and we guarantee you that you will find ideas for just about everything and anything. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Halloween is the prime event to show your inner Picasso to the world. From Frankensteins to Pokemon trainers, you can do whatever you heart desires….just no clowns.

Image courtesy of Alexas_Fotos

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