Creepy Clown Sightings

Clown Sightings Spread Panic

If you have heard about creepy clown stories, you know how creepy they are! They have been seen nationally, recently in the Capital Region. September 29th was the first sighting in Clifton Park and allegedly on out own campus here at UAlbany on Indian Quad. If these sightings are true or not, what is definite is the fear that they have instilled in our community.

Some of us have heard about the clown sightings over a year ago and a few of us have only heard about them recently. Either way, the clowns are getting more and more frequent and more and more dangerous!

Clowns are no longer coming around to make a joke or be funny. They are holding weapons and luring people into the woods and abandoned areas. This is creating a level of fear for all clowns, because of the uncertainty and anxiety they are creating nationwide.

It may be only a silly game, but college students seem to be taking very seriously. “Clown hunts”, where people are literally hunting down anyone in a clown suit, are now trending among college campus. In Pennsylvania State University, a rumor of alleged clowns running around campus had many students on edge. There were many pictures on social media websites of students rioting and looking for the “creepy clowns.” The Times quoted one tweet from a witness saying,“Some people run away from clowns, Penn State runs towards them.”

So far nation wide these clowns have actually done no physical harm, it is more the emotional fear that’s building within communities. To avoid this social media craze its best to just stay away from a clown if you see one. They are most likely in for the laughs.

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