How to Survive Final Week Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Prepping for Finals Week

Finals week is stressful for every college student, it can be even more stressful if you are experiencing it for the very first time as a freshman. As you become a seasoned college veteran you will discover tricks and habits that help to make surviving finals week much easier. Here is a step by step guide to surviving your first finals week.

Step 1: Have your notes organized and ready to go.

  • Having organized and reliable notes can be a huge difference maker when studying for finals. Having good notes will save you time and stress while going back through a semesters worth of information.

Step 2: Manage your time wisely!

  • Nothing is worse then studying for a test the night before. Retaining that much info in such a short time can be difficult and overwhelming. Make sure to spread out you study time so that you have prepared a few days prior and also so you don’t find yourself panic studying at 4AM the night before the test.

Step 3: Don’t over-study!

  • There is a fine line between preparing strategically and over thinking the entire test. Relax, you don’t want to be that  guy or girl who is intensely flipping through your notes while the scan trons are being handed out. You are not going to raise your grade 10 points by flipping through your notes 5 minutes before the test.

Step 4: Use all of the resources that are given to you.

  • Your professors may seem to be out to get you sometimes but for the most part they all provide you with a ton of resources that can help you rapidly raise your test grade. Make sure to get to those review session and don’t forget to utilize that study guide. Also don’t be afraid to visit a professor during their office hours, they don’t bite. You can check for your professors office hours and study guides at

Step 5: Get a good nights sleep before the test

  • Getting a good nights sleep is vital to having a fully functioning brain on test day. Although you may have the urge to stay up and keep studying, try to get those 8 hours. They can really be a difference maker.

Step 6: Take care of yourself the morning of test day.

  • Its key to get a good breakfast, it is fuel for your body that will help your mind be sharper for your exams. Also don’t stress the morning of, find a routine that relaxes you and keeps you fresh for test time.

While these steps can help you in your first finals week adventure, it is truly up to you to find your groove. Everyone is different and finds tactics to success that fit to them personally. Hopefully this how to helps you have a great first finals week!

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