College Stress Survival Guide

College Stress Survival Guide

At times, it’s rare for any incoming freshman to be prepared for the trials and tribulations of college. Luckily for you, we’ve created some tips to help you survive. Here is our college stress survival guide.

1. Make connections at orientation

Sometimes the friends you make at orientation will be the friends you walk with at graduation. It can be hard to put yourself out there and make new connections, but it will benefit you in the long run. I met my current friend group during orientation and our bond has stayed strong since then. The UAlbany orientation assistants incorporate games and conversations to make the introduction process easy as well as creating an open space where everyone feels comfortable.

2. Create a schedule

It’s pretty easy to become unmotivated when you do not have a concise schedule to follow. Creating a schedule can make things less stressful and keep you on top of the most important things in your life. A good balance of studying, exercising, Netflix, and sleep can ease the stress of college life. I like to create my schedule so that I have free time in between the mandatory activities like homework and class. Also, going to the gym earlier in the day and getting it over with can make it a lot easier for you.

3. Try to connect with roommate

Your roommate can very well become the best friend you make in college, but don’t be discouraged if you both don’t connect right away. It can be stressful living with another person, but remember you are both going through the same experience. You can be a great support system for one another. Also, keep an open dialogue with your roommate. If you have a complaint or concern, voice it. This will ease issues and hopefully make the both of you even closer.

4. Get to know your advisor

Your advisor can be another great support system and one of your best resources while at school. They can help you with all academic questions as well as personal ones. If you ever need a letter of recommendation, help with scheduling issues, or any type of concern at all, they are always there to be of assistance. I recall visiting my advisor because I felt out of place in one of my classes freshman year. She recommended a list of alternative classes that may fit what I was looking for better.

5. Get involved

The easiest thing to do in school is to simply go with the flow, do well in your classes, and not get involved. This isn’t enough. Not only does getting involved add to your resume and make you more desirable for future employers, it is also a way to make new connections that will only make your time in college more enjoyable. For me, joining an array of clubs made my college career worth it. It has also helped me gain many skills that I would not have had otherwise.

6. Get a laptop

Because the is the technological age, it’s pretty impossible to be in college without some type of laptop. It literally has to just be one of your expenses when entering your college career. Not only does it make your life WAY easier but it also saves you multiple trips to and from the library to complete assignments. My laptop was one of my first college purchases because of its benefits. Aside from homework, it can be used to keep you entertained, check emails, and up-to-date with campus events, etc.

7. Keep in touch with family and friends

Your family and friends from back home can sometimes be your lifeline. Freshman year for many can be one of the most difficult years in that it is the first time many have been away from home. Your friends and family can be an escape from the stresses of your new college life. Don’t take this for granted because there will come a time when you will need their love and support. During freshman year, I was extremely stressed about what major I was going to pick and how I was going to make friends. My friends and family, though they were miles away, helped me through this point and made my transition infinitely easier.

8. Have fun but not too much

In college you will be exposed to many new people and experiences. You must remember to be true to yourself and not make bad decisions. Partying is of course a big part of college, but everything can still be fun in moderation. And you can’t forget the main reason you are in school. Once the work is done, then it is time for fun.

9. Don’t over pack

Believe it or not, you don’t need every single thing you ever owned to come with you to school. When you bare packing, go through all your stuff and think about if you have used it recently and would it be beneficial to have. There is nothing worse than trying to find space for things that you didn’t even need to bring in the first place.

10. Don’t overthink

This is a very stressful time in anyone’s life. It is a new chapter. This can seem overwhelming and cause anxiety. But remember, everyone around you is dealing with the same thing. You have infinite resources that can help you through this and make your college years, the best in your life. There is no use in stressing about every little thing. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Do this while also trying your very best. What else can you do?

In conclusion if you stick to this guide, you can assure that your freshman year in college will be smooth and stress free. If you feel like our guide was helpful, feel free to share this on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or any other social media websites. If you need any other tips or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and a member of teamnumber1 will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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