5 Insider-Pointers of Being a Communication Major

If you are prepping for college, don’t count Communication out as a major! Communication can be a confusing major for students coming out of high school. But do not be scared away by how open-ended our major is! There are so many choices inside a Communication major. Your have endless opportunities! Here are 5 of insider-pointers  from four students who are living life as a UAlbany COM major:

1. You can pick a concentration

Some schools require a concentration within a major while others require a minor. Here at UAlbany, you need a minor as a COM major. A minor can range from journalism to business to biology, whatever your heart and mind desire! You can pick a minor and classes based on what interests you. So, if you are into technology and want to learn how to use a switch board, classes in Media production can be your choice. If you keep good connections with people and can persuade anyone, try some Personal Relations classes. And don’t worry, if you decide you don’t like your minor, you can always change it!

2. Internships are key!

Since a lot of your classes will theory-based, you need real-world experience! But don’t be scared of finding an internship, UAlbany offers a plethora of opportunities through a campus-based program called HandShake and endless e-mails from the department. Internships boost your resume and also can provide you with a little extra spending money (if offered). Classes and reading can only teach you so much, get out there and intern and find out what you really like to do for your career!

3. Some classes you CAN’T get out of

There are always those few classes you can’t avoid. You need the credits to graduate from that specific class. Everyone dreads it, but don’t avoid putting it off! It could be a marketing class, or intensive writing class but remember you are not alone. Suffer through it for a semester, who knows maybe you will end up liking it!

4. A lot of reading.

Since communication is based off the way people communicate and interact, those who studied and created this major had to do a lot of writing, and we get to read it all! Some of the reading is tedious, some of it is interesting but most importantly it is necessary to succeed in class!

5. We have the BEST professors.

Of course we are a little bias and will always say that our communication professors here at UAlbany are the best ones on campus (maybe even in the world), but when you get here, you will understand why. They are all so knowledgeable and friendly, and want you to succeed! They all have such different and interesting backgrounds and make class fun and interactive. You will never dread going to class as a communication major!

Hopefully these few insider-pointers didn’t scare you away! We are hoping you feel better prepared coming to UAlbany as a Communications major. A lot of reading and required classes may seem like they will bring you down, but the internships and the great professors make it all worth it. Take it from us, four HAPPY communications majors!

Feel free to comment with questions! We would love to hear from you!

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