UAlbany Communication Major Hacks

10 Hacks To Being A Successful UAlbany Communication Major

Being a college student can be stressful no matter what major you are! This is especially true for UAlbany Communication majors. Here are some tips we wish we knew when we were freshman.

1. Whatever you do, DON’T MISS CLASS!!!

Showing up to class is half the battle! A lot of the key information is discussed in class and even just missing one class can affect your grade. Although it might be tempting to skip, many professors give out information that may be left off the slides, plus attendance counts for a large portion of your grade.

2. Stay up to date with your advisor

This is the first impression that the communications department gets of you so make it a good one. Advisors have a lot of experience and knowledge to share with you and can open up many opportunities.

3. Actually read Professor Husson Emails

You will quickly find that your email will be filled by emails from Professor Husson! Take the time out to actually read them because they are filled with internship opportunities and events to kick start your successful career in the communications field.

4. Attend Office hours

Make sure to attend office hours with any questions or clarifications you may need. Professors are always happy to talk to students and it is a good way to introduce yourself for large classes. There is a difference between a 300 person lecture and a 1 on 1 with your professor.

5. Don’t throw away old class notes

Many communications classes have overlapping material and your notes from one class can prove to be useful for a future class or internship!

6. Get off your Facebook and make a LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the social media for the professional world. It offers more than funny videos and your mom’s pictures, it provides opportunities and connection for the future. Business professionals will always ask for your LinkedIn during an interview so make sure to have yours ready.

7. Take a wide range of classes

Communications can be very broad so be sure to take advantage and enroll in a wide range of classes from public relations to digital marketing. This will allow you to explore the department, expand your knowledge, and narrow down on the exact field you want to work in one day.

8. Strive for an internship

Do not wait until your senior year to apply for internships, the earlier the better. There are many opportunities so do not be discouraged if you don’t get the first one. Keep applying until you find the right one for you.

9. Be familiar with the communication department’s website

The communication department’s website has many helpful links and information regarding upcoming events, classes, advisors, and everything you need to know about communications. Make sure to check it often.

10. Lastly, keep a positive outlook

Take all these steps into consideration and remember you have four years to figure it all out. Be sure to not overwhelm yourself and take advantage of the resources UAlbany has for students.

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