6 Amazing Spots at UAlbany

Whenever people try and pick a campus to go to, one thought runs through their heads” Where are the best spots on campus? Well, look no further, we got your back. If their is ONE thing we know, that is where all the hot spots are around campus. Well, here you go, the 6 Amazing spots at UAlbany:

1. Collins Circle

Collins Circle: you can’t miss it. It’s a gigantic circle at the front of UAlbany. It is one of the first things that greet you when you enter the university. Easily the best hang out spot on campus. You can find kids doing all types of activities during the warm weather: sun-tanning, Frisbee, Kan-jam, or even throwing a mini barbecue with their friends.Even many of the organizations on campus use Collins Circle for their events and to promote their ideas. If there is ever a place to be on campus, it’s Collins Circle.

2. The Fountain

The Fountain is the center of attention here at UAlbany. It’s a cant-miss attraction for everyone within the community, UAlbany student or not. Noted by its big “cigarette stick” in the middle, it easily draws everyone to its location. Looking for a place to chill out, maybe soak your feet in the water? Looking for a relaxing environment to read a book or do some work? The Fountain is where you want to be.

3. SEFCU Arena

Ever wanted to go to a wild sporting event? I’m talking about hype plays, fans screaming, halftime shows and events that get the crowd pumped? SEFCU Arena is has all of this to offer. It’s the home of the UAlbany basketball teams, dance team, volleyball teams, cheerleading, and many more. If you’re also looking for an amazing gym facility and a swimming pool for your aquatic excercises, the SEFCU Arena is the multi-platform Arena for all things sports related. Might want to get familiar with the place, it’s where the graduation ceremony is held. Get familiar with it, it’s most likely the last place you will be at this university

4. Science Library

When it comes down to crunch time, getting in that study time for those all important exams that we have all come to know and love, the Science Library is there to help you. Not only are the people there great for helping and their amazing services, the place is bone-chilling quiet. You could probably hear a conversation going on from down the hall. Featuring a great selection of books and textbooks as well as private classrooms to help focus on your work, this place is guaranteed to keep your grades in check and get an A in every class

5. Campus Center

Looking for a place to satisfy your hunger? The Campus Center has got you covered. With a wide variety of food choices, ranging from breakfast foods to pizza, from salads to a simple cup of coffee, the Campus Center is a great eating spot on campus. If you ever want an escape from the dining hall food that you’re stuck to eat, come on down to the Campus Center. Pro tip: convenient placing to the bookstore, if you ever get lost.

6. Bob Ford FieldĀ 

If there is ever one thing that you need to do at UAlbany is to see a football at Bob Ford Field. The crowd is to die for: the hype, the upsets, the spirit. It makes you feel like you’re watching a NFL game live. Newly renovated, the stadium is a gorgeous view, and the easy access to the concession stands compliments. If you and your friends are ever bored and want something to do on a Saturday afternoon, watching a game at Bob Ford Field should be your top priority


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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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