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Hi! Welcome to one of the most useful pages you could visit while trying to decide what college is right for you! In this blog we will give you useful tips for trying to narrow your decision on where to go. We will specifically be talking about the Communication Department here at the University at Albany.

Our team is formed by four seniors here at the University at Albany-SUNY who want to share their insight and advice for incoming freshmen or students who are currently undeclared. We are here to help with any questions you may have, so feel free to email us with even the SMALLEST of questions! Our posts will be fun, informative, and include a range of different topics. Meet our members:

Denise is a Communication major/Business minor looking to go into marketing or PR post graduation. She is from New Rochelle in Westchester and loves to eat and watch movies.

Laura is a Journalism major/Communications minor who is also interested in public relations, advertising and marketing. She was born and raised in the Albany area, but loves to travel and explore.

Sydney is a Communication major with minors in Business, Art, and Education who is interested in pursuing a career in public relations and advertising. Sydney is from Mahopac in Putnam County, and hopes to be able to travel the world.

John is a Communications major with a double minor in Environmental Sustainability and Business. Born and raised on Long Island, after graduation he is looking to enter grad school for Environmental Science and combine in with Communications.

Our hope is to help guide you in becoming a successful college student and share with you everything we have learned in our four years here at SUNY Albany.  


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