UA378: You gon’ learn today

Hey guys, we’re about to learn you a thing or two about this blog post. First off, introductions are in order to this team, so lets start:

About us:

Hey, I’m Andrew. I’m currently a senior at UAlbany majoring in communications and minoring in business administration. Simple guy: plays video games, pretty chill, funny, gets along with everybody. From Long Island, more specific Nassau county, and even more specific Baldwin (but I’m pretty sure you have never heard of it). Not much to it.

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m also a senior at UAlbany majoring in Communications. I’m into playing any sport any day of the week, playing video games, and enjoying nature being that I come from the small rural town of Millbrook.

Hey guys,  I’m Shaun. I am currently a Communication and Business major. I am  in my senior year and am eager to finish. Being a communication student has really helped me develop my skills in public speaking, one on one interaction, and leadership. I am proud to be a communication major. Hobbies include guitar, soccer, and video games. Nice to meet you :).

Hello, I am Harold, a marketing major and a senior here at UAlbany. I am graduating in December and am anxiously awaiting the day to which I can get out and begin my job search. During my time here I have developed many tools that will undoubtedly assist me in my life going forward. My hobbies include sports (watching and playing), the entertainment industry, and advertising.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to persuade ANYBODY: grandmas, cats, dogs, even a wizard if need be, to become a communication major. The opportunities, not only at UAlbany but specifically within the communications department, are extraordinary and the best in the country. Ultimately, we are going to write anything that comes to mind to create an influence: tell our own stories, showcase important events or activities, and answer some questions that you may have about the department that will help make your choice to join the communications department that much easier (because we all know you’re going to join it in the end).


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