The Faces Behind Make it Happen

Hello, welcome to our blog. We are four communication students here at UAlbany. This our first post, so here’s a little about us!

Our first group member is Kristine. She is a senior at UAlbany and studying Communications and Business. She is interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations after graduating in May 2017.

Second group member is Antia. She is a junior at UAlbany and majoring in Communication minoring in Business and Africana studies. She loves to dance during her free time.

Third group member is Molly. She is a junior at UAlbany, majoring in Communications with a minor in Business. She currently is a Community Relations intern at BlueSheild of Northeastern New York. Her interest is ultimately in Sports Marketing.

Last but not least our fourth member is Elijah . He is a senior at UAlbany and studying Communications and Journalism. He is interested in media production and public relations after graduating in May 2017.

So I know you are probably wondering what this blog is about? It’s all about helping you! With a combination of ways for you to get involved, along with important information to know about classes and degree requirements. We will also include student success stories as well as insight from your peers to help you get the most out of your time here at UAlbany.

If you are interested in learning how you can get involved on campus and meet other communication majors then this is the place for you! We will help you adjust to the major and feel comfortable during every step of the way on your journey at UAlbany. You will be able to connect with other students and make friends that will share classes, professors and experiences.

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